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  1. Agreed. That is definitely one of the factors that killed Indiana Jones. Shia swinging on vines with monkeys was also pretty terrible.
  2. Agreed on Mike Bailey v Super Dragon. I personally would also love to see Pentagon Jr. v Super Dragon.Not sure either will ever happen though.Dragon hasn't wrestled a singles match in like 10 years.
  3. I would say Hayabusa was an innovator much like Sabu but Jeff Hardy isn't even in their league. Hayabusa innovated the phoenix splash and falcon arrow. Hayabusa definitely was a very influential high flyer. Watch some of his matches with Masato Tanaka those were always my favorites.
  4. Agreed with pwg being the best and I will add one. Super Dragon is currently the best booker in wrestling.
  5. Star wars episode 3 is the second best star wars movie next to the empire strikes back.
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