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  1. Man I saw your updated Hogan on your site...

    The best Hogan CAW EVER. Noone else is even close to what I've seen in the images you posted. 10/10. And getting a 10/10 on a Hogan CAW is not easy from me, I've NEVER given anyone that before. Sick stuff. You make me want to get a 360...

  2. Go to OSR and look at the tutorial section.

    I'm not sure there are WII tuts but I think there could be.

  3. This is your best Hogan yet Tekken (for WWE12), no doubt. Try making the top of his head less wide though.

    Will it be possible to make any good modding on '12?

    I've not decided if it's worth updating my console for this game yet.

  4. No I can't. I don't edit 2011.

  5. Go to the OSR or WLF forums and ask there.

  6. No but there are people there who can.

  7. Join OSR, there are many tutorials there. Hacking is not allowed here.

  8. You can check at my site www.svr2010.rr.nu or at Wrestling Legends Forum or Old Skool Reunion. :)

  9. It's only named that way. Their section for SVR edits is the best available now.

  10. Well, it's just the name of the place. They have the best modding section now that caws.ws destroyed all topics.

  11. Hey Arjun! What happened to you?

    Why not join us at Old Skool Reunion? :)

  12. I'm not on this board much these days since they remove all my topics. I'm mostly at Wrestling Legends Forum or Old Skool Reunion where they let all info stay.

  13. K, it should be possible to find in the forums. Start from the editor topic and the links at the bottom of the first post.

  14. Why do you want to do it manually?

  15. What is it? Have any screen shots?

  16. I've not done that either. Look in the Holly hack thread in the 2010 forum and see if it's mentioned there.

  17. There is a readme file and a lot of info in the editor topic. Please read. Noone can read for you mate...

  18. I didn't think you stole it but reposting it on another site without asking me at all first is not ok in my book. You could have just put a link to the caws.ws topic. It's an open forum that you don't need to login to, that's why I keep it here.

  19. It will only work to get id's right? Not edit stuff?

  20. Use the editor topic to ask about the editor and I'll answer it there! OK? :)

  21. Have you seen that your Hogan without bandana LOWM mod is the number 2 CAW(!!!???) this year? Hahaha!

  22. Please ask about the editor in the editor topic, I will answer there if noone else can help. :)

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