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  1. steelers had there 3rd QB in and most our of players in after the first Quarter were rookies or backups. the saints had their starters in, and steelers ran over them.
  2. yeah, but my first warning should be gone by now.
  3. i hope this don't turn into a flame war, just people should state what they think, that if benoit should be in the hall of fame, i for one think he should be in the hall of fame being i may dislike benoit, but he was one of the best. wwe should not judge the person when he was wrestling. if wwe ever decided to introduct him, they should wait in about 5 to 10 years when people forgotten about him.
  4. i wonder , being of the bad terrible event that went down with chris benoit, and how wwe deleted everything that showed chris benoit was a superstar for them that will chris benoit will ever get into the wwe hall of fame.
  5. pittsburgh steelers are now 1-0 in 2007 preseason when they defeated New Orleans Saints, 20 to 7 in the hall of fame game on sunday night in ohio.
  6. it's been 6 months since my second warning was given to me in feb, feb,march,april,may,june,july i sent threeg a pm about it, being he gave me it, he met me with a deaf ear, i sent me a pm last month 2 days after my warning was over. i for one think he got a grudge against me for some reason. ThreeG Warned on Jan 25 2007, 12:53 PM Added to warn level Advertising.
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