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    Have you ever wanted to work your way up through the ranks of a real wrestling federation? Now is your chance! From the creators of EWCF Carnage and EWCF Velocity comes EWCF-I, a new v-fed that promises to take you on a wild ride unparalleled to anything you see on TV.

    Revolution will be a filmed CAW show that will feature titles, ranking system, storylines, tournaments, archives and so much more. Anyone who is familiar with how EWCF operates already knows how much time and care placed into making each show feel as if you are watching a television broadcast.

    Already part of an e-fed? No problems! Add to your resume by signing up for the EWCF. The EWCF was at one time a hugely popular fed that had over 30 members on it's roster as well as up to 40 viewers on our live chats and streams.

    Every show is recorded and uploaded so you can watch at your leisure. Results are posted on our forum and archived for future viewing. Our community is a loyal family that has been together since 2006.

    All caw's will use the same overall and stats, meaning all matches will be trated fairly. The matches are recorded via simulation on Legend Difficulty so the performance your wrestler makes is in his own hands. Everyone receives a fair deal.

    So if you have ever wanted to start a career for your wrestler without having to worry about role plays or online matches, this is the perfect alternative for you. On the other hand, if you LOVE to role play then your creativity and your input are incorporated into the show itself. Why read your promos when you can WATCH them on screen?

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