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Pretty Soldier

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About Pretty Soldier

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    Main Eventer
  • Birthday 12/01/1989

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    Mickie James.
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    I can basically listen to anything besides that God-awful heavy metal music and some rock. My favourites are R&B, pop and dance. No use listing favourite artists since it changes montly. :]
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    Steak & Potatoes and Pizza.
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    Family Guy, Judge Judy, MADTv, Married...with Children, MayDay, Roseanne, Sailor Moon, Survivor, The Amazing Race, The O.C., Three's Company & WWE Programming.
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    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
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    •Mickie James.
    •Film Editing.
  1. Heyy, I'm Pretty Soldier, but because it sounds very weird for you to call me "Pretty" or "Soldier," (I seriously need a display name change) you can call me Amber (a lot of people seem to know my name anyways ) or the common "PS" name. I'm a Global Moderator here on CAWs.ws and on the ICW Forum, and I like to help out anyone who asks. I'm a HUGE Mickie James fan. If I was in the WWE I would probably introduce myself to Mickie the same way she introduced herself to Trish. xD Anyway... there ya have it. =) All ya need to know really. ^_^
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