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  1. Yeah for the women’s match for sure. That are in SA we’re women have no rights.
  2. I agree it wasn’t all that great. I expect a clinic with those two. Plus HHH “we’re going to crown a champ that’s going to be there to defend the title and on Monday raw, ple” so they give it to the guy who’s been leaving to do a movie and may not be around. Yep makes sense. So like Roman both champs will be gone. Oh well. Wwe booking lately is been meh!!
  3. The Miz is a gem in the Wwe. Does every stupid a$$ thing ask him. He’s a talented wrestler and great on the mic. Main events a wrestlemania. Always felt he’s underrated. Unlike most I’m not a fan of Seth. Great talent just not a fan at all. Personally like to see Balor. His reign was too short and being apart of judgment day works. Cody needs to stick with dethroning Roman.
  4. IMO it wasn’t a bad match. I actually liked the surprise finish..
  5. Great match and props to Bunny but man I was actually hoping Damian get the win. Wwe always feeding full time wrestlers to actors, singers etc. Seeing Carlito was freaking awesome. Good match!!
  6. Bret Hart wrestlemania 12 Survivor series 1995
  7. Probably a 1 or 2 year story line that I have no time to invest in.
  8. Not sure how I feel about either. Apples and oranges. One show is full of athletes that entertain the other is a blood sport whose sole purpose is to get someone in an octagon and beat their brains in and permanently hurt some one. (I know that’s a for fetched description. ). But I’ve never liked UFC. We shall see.
  9. Even know he’ll maybe win it at a lesser ppv. He should hold it till next mania and beat Roman to retain it like Roman did this year. But who knows.
  10. I agree. What now have Roman drop it at a lesser ppv then it will mean less. It will lose its flair. Been building this Cody story for a year and to drop it at a lesser ppv would lose the significance. Tonight at the grandest stage of them all is when it should have happens. Maybe a big summerslam build but who knows.
  11. Pretty disappointed. The days of Bruno and hogan holding the title for 10,000 days are gone. I used to get frustrated seeing hhh or Cena back in the day hold it for what seemed like forever. To me it just gets old. Rinse and repeat.
  12. The Miz has become a joke. silly.
  13. Dominic still has a lot to learn and still growing but man he can get some heat!!!
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