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  1. I've got zero investment in this but I do want it to one day be a worthy competitor in the genre. Light some fires under some asses. I will say some of those animations, like Jungle Boy's Rolling Hip Toss into Seated Superkick, were looking pretty nice, ngl
  2. I keep looking at that Torrie and I'm trying to figure out why I like it so much. But I'm digging everything
  3. WNX

    WWE Drama

    Stereotypical black hoodrat(chet) antics, the removal of the earrings before scrapping (even though it's something anybody with earrings should do) and especially announcing it, hence why Bianca referred to it as "ghetto". It's a thing, trust
  4. It's weird to see post RE5 Jill look like RE3 Jill and did Rebecca not cannonically die in Arklay? Wtf
  5. I love coming back every year and seeing Shaniqua in this topic. It still blows my mind that anybody even makes her and she's always one of my favorites from your list.
  6. If that's what you're talking about. Sounds like they're working OT to shut the modders down this year
  7. Without anything for clarification, that sounds like console parity to me. When they leave the previous gen behind, perhaps
  8. Deeyum, is it me or just Connie kinda look like Katie Cassidy?
  9. Dick looks like the kinda dude with a Shining Wizzer as a sig. Just a smoove running step-up full sack to the face
  10. Well now you gotta run a Loser Leaves angle
  11. Yoooooo, Rachel, Mari, and the Riveras Gotta get my Cindy, Davey, and, Black fix this year
  12. Both of Amy's attires are ace
  13. Sting reminded me of Jason David Frank and I instantly shed a tear
  14. I don't know how I feel about Jazz being as cute as she is Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing what you pump out
  15. Am I trippin? That's the most makeup I've ever seen on Kiyori. I also might be trippin when I say it looks like everybody aged, not considerably but everyone seems at least slightly older than their 22 counterparts, which is cool especially if it was intentional Belle's starting to look like a DOA or Tekken character. I dig the update
  16. Creators going apeshit this year. Everything is looking pretty heat
  17. Did any body see this... Or post this... Or even care?
  18. It warms my heart that people still get excited for this sheeit. 22 was the first game I'd touched since 18 and while I appreciated something new and the gameplay, which I hated at first, wasn't quiiiiiiiiite as off-putting as I expected it to be, there was just nothing pulling me back in to play it anymore. Usually, I don't get to that point until all the unlocks are done but it feels like a chore playing it to me. I believe I grabbed it in May and haven't completed (as close to what I call "completed" year to year) a single CAW since. Any previous year, even if I dread playing matches I'll at least play in create modes a bit, run a few Universe match sims, but I can't even do that. I turn the game on, get my daily My Faction log in reward, turn the game off, IF I even get that far I love seeing what the community is able to do in the creation suites, working around the countless issues and limitations that these modes offer, always have and continue to appreciate that. You guys make amazing sheeit. This year I think I'll watch from the shadows like I normally do, but will ignore any potential sale later in the game's lifespan. From this point onward, I think I'm officially and indefinitely tapping out of the series. I've been so disconnected from wrestling, from the program down to this series that filled a huge portion of my gaming life, and the interest is so minute I think I'll be perfectly able to fight the urges to play any cool-looking sheeit this time. Hopefully VC can continue to move the series forward, get a better handle of all the systems they've been struggling with, and bring the franchise back to one that's universally beloved across both the casual and hardcore bases. A game devoid of consistent system crashes, save file deletions, progress-nuking creation suite issues, and weird gameplay immersion-breaking bugs that take actions that should make perfect sense but for whatever reason decide "Naw son... not hapnin" Oh, and deleted moves. Missing, possibly character-locked, less-than-a-year-old moves. Like... excuse me? Stop it
  19. Haven't heard that little theme in years. Not the version I'm use to hearing but damn did it make my night
  20. How much is a WWE worth? And who could foot that bill? Who would WANT to foot it? The idea that Vince never left and he's just pulling strings from the shadows is always on my mind. I don't watch the product so I don't know if anything noticeably changed when he stepped down but he'll die running that sheeit just as he was destined to. Him resigning and legitimately having no involvement in the company was never a realistic scenario
  21. WNX

    WWE Drama

    Teddeh! Lemme holla at'cha, playa! The singular entity known as Nobody hasn't been bothered by Vince. But there is a growing list of other individuals that HAVE
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