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  1. Thought I'd slide through here and drop this off for people that have had joycon drift issues in the past. Hope errbody doing good
  2. Always been a Black fan. Digging the redesign. And Belle looks better every time you change her, I swear
  3. I'm pretty sure they have "families" in mind for the home viewing experience. An average family of 4 is saving money with premiere access
  4. WNX

    WCW CAW´s

    Welp you were killing it from every angle. All of these are top notch, as expected
  5. This whole thing is weird and there hasn't been clarification on it yet. The way it's looking to me, if you get Miles on PS4 that'll auto upgrade to PS5. Though since Ultimate Edition of Miles on PS5 specifically comes with a Spiderman remaster, it's not looking like PS4 Spidey is auto upgrading
  6. I thought Carrion was on PSN. oh the disappointment when i went searching for it. First My Friend Pedro and now this? You're killing me, Digital Revolver
  7. I just watched that video. It's absolutely heartbreaking somebody so young, so beautiful, so full of energy and life can be driven to that point of no return. Don't know much about her and only heard of Oedo Tai through you guys via Caws and whatnot but I would've liked to. She seems awesome. Major loss this one
  8. That's too bad, I liked Ruby and how she played off the main cast specifically Cass and Luke. I honestly can't remember how the series ended but it should be interesting to see how they pull it off. Have any of you been watching Stargirl? Sheeit's kinda dark
  9. Defo ready for the boys. Umbrella... meh. I gotta rematch both before they drop
  10. That's hella disrespectful to the youth and blacks
  11. Kanye is prolly in a worse state mentally than Biden. Nobody who takes this politics sheeit serious is gonna vote for that dude
  12. So I find it interesting that NBA 2k21's standard edition is 10 bucks more on next gen systems but the Mamba forever edition is 100 bucks on both gens. If they're gonna do price hikes they believe are justified (which it's Take Two, so it's not, with their ridiculous mass layoffs but increased income and room for healthy bonuses) at least be consistent with your sheeit
  13. Shiyoka is beast, but I'm messing up. I have no clue who Lucy is . I gotta look back Oh, the one with the heated red one piece alt. Niiiiice
  14. Got a bit ahead of himself, did he? So far it's sounding like Rolfe was well within his rights to pull that trigger
  15. I should prolly buy those DLCs before the Days of Play sale ends, even if I don't play them til December. Not alot od done to decide though, it's over in like 6 ish hours
  16. Okay, I watched the whole hour 22 minute body cam from Officer Brosnan, the one that responded to the initial complaint and i'll start by saying the Tweet from the guy M3j Initially quoted was bullsheeit. Brooks was not "parked", he was in the drive thru, asleep and in the way. People complained to the cops, enter Brosnan. Brosnan wakes the guy up and tells him to move, Brooks says okay obviously wasted out of his mind, then walks back to his car. Brooks doesn't move. Brosnan goes back and opens Brooks' door like "ay man you went to sleep again. Just pull over into a parking space and out the way". He complies but kinda runs over the curb a bit so Brosnan is chuckling a bit like this dude is out of it. So after a bit Brosnan goes back over and asks Brooks if he's good, just tired or whatever, and wanted to make sure he's okay. He goes through the whole routine, license, reg, car was rented and Brooks was fumbling tryna get his license so Brosnan says keep looking, I'll be back, cool as sheeit. He calls dispatch for a guy that specializes in DUI and this is prolly where everything went to sheeit. DUI guy shows up, Officer Rolfe, asks Brooks all these questions to see where his head is at. Brooks' story is all over the place. "I only had a few drinks, it was like 1 1/2 daquiris or 1 1/2 martinis or some sheeit, small cups, yadda yadda". "Do you know where your at?" He's answering the wrong sheeit for like 15. He doesn't even remember Brosnan waking him up to move out of the drive thru, believes he got dropped off by his [sister], got in the car and went straight to sleep. So these guys are well aware he's no longer on this planet but Brosnan is watching this guy work, who for whatever reasons drags this on longer than he needs. Finally asks to do a breathalizer that Brooks finally agrees to after 5 minutes. Rolfe goes to grab it, Brooks is apologizing for the trouble and Brosnan is like "you're good man we just wanna make sure you're alright" to operate the vehicle and sheeit. Rolfe does the test, asks some more questions, now Brooks is saying he has no clue what he drank. Rolfe determines, FINALLY, the man is too impair and tells him he's under arrest and to put his hands behind his back. Rolfe bends an arm, gently from the looks. Brosnan holds the other arm loosely. Rolfe slaps on the first cuff and Brooks shakes out, scuffle ensues everybody goes down. They're tryna contain Brooks, Brosnan whipping out the taxes. "I'm gonna tase you!" He has the gun to Brooks leg but he doesn't pull it. Doesn't look like he really wants to. Brooks grabs it instead "GET YOUR HANDS OFF THE TASER!" Brosnan is yelling. They sorta make their way back up and then all go back down, Brosnan ending up on bottom and hitting the ground back of the head first. Brooks gets under Rolfe and lifts up, getting to his feet and breaking away. If it was Brosnan's voice then I think he said "he *censored*ing tased me" (later on he asks an officer if there were any barbs in him so I'm thinking he did get hit in the scuffle) as Rolfe draws fires the taser, but doesn't get all of it even though a bolt hits Brooks. Both body cams are now on the ground facing up (great security, btw v_v, good thing for the Wendy's feed). Brosnan is slow to his feet but Rolfe takes after Brooks with the taser in his left hand. Rolfe is seen unfastening his holster with the right hand, Brooks turns to fire the stolen taser wildly, Rolfe drops the taser in his left, draws with the right and fires three shots, one to the back and one to the ass struck. ------ So I get it. I get why it was done, still don't agree, but I think Brosnan by himself could've handled it, especially because Brooks girlfriend came up in the convo saying he could call her. She comes, picks him up, takes him to the hotel he was staying at, nobody dies. Rolfe stretched the sheeit to an uncomfortable length and just went straight to cuffs instead of trying to contact the person Brooks said dropped him off there. Of course he didn't know there was gonna be that level of resistance but still, mistakes were definitely made long before the shooting
  17. Better chance to stop a target if you're aiming at the biggest one. Center mass. It's how they're trained. You aim for smaller targets and it increases the chance of missing, thus a chance at hitting somebody else. When that firearm is drawn it's supposed to be in response to a life threatening event, which this wasn't as an outsider looking in but could've been a very different situation in the eyes of an officer. It was a bad call, probably not to him because what he considers "high threat" was skewed in that instance.
  18. Haven't you heard? Drugs and alcohol grant superpowers. I didn't watch the whole 45 minutes but I watched a clip about the guy grabbing the taser, dipping out and firing it behind him. Now, I'm not a cop. I couldn't sit here and tell you what I would've done in that sitch but I would like to think I wouldn't have fired on the guy like that. Don't think it should've gotten as far as the arrest anyways. Maybe I should actually see what prompted the cuffs, but I understand why they shot. I don't agree with it, but I get it. I also can't just slap a skin color on this one. Just because I see a few vids of white guys getting away with outrageous sheeit doesn't mean this wouldn't have happened if he wasn't black. It's an unfortunate scenario that was horribly timed
  19. Did anybody happen to catch Vagrant Queen? I'm curious if there are any shows like it cause I rather enjoyed it
  20. Holy sheeit, that looked so much better than the stream. Beautiful
  21. Where's the part when this turned into a shooting cause that's pretty civil
  22. I don't know the lockdown protocols for each individual state but alot of this started happening after they lifted the stay-at-home orders. And in many places, like where the beaches are going full force, supposedly even if minimum person gatherings rules are ignored, those in itself aren't "orders" and don't have to, or can't, be enforced. I don't think any health officials are coming out and saying "protest, or stay home" or any nonsense like that. This peer to-peer proximity is still a huge concern for medical professions as some areas have seen boosts in their Covid cases since lifting the lockdown. These protest, although arguably necessary, aren't gonna do anybody any good in the long run, especially with people being peppered, smoked, and gassed, coughing fits and spitting galore
  23. Can't agree with " it's not mindless destruction" when there are plenty of examples of it being just that, such as throwing a homeless man's mattress onto a fire. Or What about the asshat that broke the window on JR Smith's truck (and rightfully got destroyed in retaliation) in an area nowhere near any active protesting was going on? What does sheeit like that do for the cause? Who does it help? I'll tell you who it doesn't hurt: The System.
  24. Something about the Teli revamp is hittin hard
  25. Nagata's red suit attire is the truth
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