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  1. Something about the Teli revamp is hittin hard
  2. Nagata's red suit attire is the truth
  3. Ooh, that's a good one. Hopefully some much needed badassery comes with it
  4. Because I hadn't watched the final film, there wasn't any way to know if what the Last Jedi did actually had payoff in it, despite it apparently not having much in TLJ itself. As far as changes, yeah I was leaning into the force powers sheeit, but specifically Rey and Kylo's link and the grey force user thing. I still believe that TJL was just expectation subversion for the sake of it but was hoping there'd be some pay off in the final episode
  5. So were these fools doing Canadian Destroyers NOT as match enders? Oh, and my dumb ass read that comment and completely over looked the word "over" XD so it was like "Bring it back, but don't do it" O_o
  6. Phew, I'm glad I was already partially spoiled before I checked that spoiler tag cause i was waiting for Rise to hit D+ to see it Dawson as Ahsoka is craaaaazy. I'm slow burning watching Clone Wars as it's the only thing that's really keeping my D+ active right now and alot of the episodes seem throwaway but I'm enjoying what I see. You meant Rise right there, right? Sounds like it was so focused on giving answers to everything and bringing it all to a close that it ignored all the interesting sheeit that changed
  7. Rita looks amazing and I dig the Jenna alt
  8. Bought Streets of Rage 4 a few hours ago but not sure when I'll get to play it.
  9. I haven't been following this one because honestly I'm exhausted, but I was told this woman files a report when it happened initially but nobody has it in the current day. Is that true? It's the convenience of the allegations that aleays throws me in these situations. It makes the victims far less believable in my eyes. I haven't heard Biden's defense but I wouldn't doubt he dod some creepy sheeit in the day. He looks like a gaddamn creeper
  10. When life gives you lemons, you stab the *Censored* outta it. Then it'll prolly turn into somebody that needed to die *shrugs* Had a dream I was Tifa (currently watching an FF7 Remake playthrough) and I had to work with a few others to defend my place from some thugs that were planning to attack soon. They were coming in like a GTA wave-based assault. Some lowriders and sheeit would show up, most of them being taken out while they're driving by, and some attacking the house on foot from the back and sides. But I wasn't outside for most of it. I was inside getting garlic bread (had it with my spaghetti two nights ago) to use as mortar for some bricks one of the guys was using to cover up the house windows. I have no idea why
  11. So, how about those Jong Un death rumors and the speculations of what happens if they're true? His sister taking over, NK civil war, neighboring countries having to quell the chaos and U.S. bound to involve themselves because of their alliance with South Korea. The world has enougn to deal with
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