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  1. I've got zero investment in this but I do want it to one day be a worthy competitor in the genre. Light some fires under some asses. I will say some of those animations, like Jungle Boy's Rolling Hip Toss into Seated Superkick, were looking pretty nice, ngl
  2. I keep looking at that Torrie and I'm trying to figure out why I like it so much. But I'm digging everything
  3. WNX

    WWE Drama

    Stereotypical black hoodrat(chet) antics, the removal of the earrings before scrapping (even though it's something anybody with earrings should do) and especially announcing it, hence why Bianca referred to it as "ghetto". It's a thing, trust
  4. It's weird to see post RE5 Jill look like RE3 Jill and did Rebecca not cannonically die in Arklay? Wtf
  5. I love coming back every year and seeing Shaniqua in this topic. It still blows my mind that anybody even makes her and she's always one of my favorites from your list.
  6. If that's what you're talking about. Sounds like they're working OT to shut the modders down this year
  7. Without anything for clarification, that sounds like console parity to me. When they leave the previous gen behind, perhaps
  8. Deeyum, is it me or just Connie kinda look like Katie Cassidy?
  9. Dick looks like the kinda dude with a Shining Wizzer as a sig. Just a smoove running step-up full sack to the face
  10. Well now you gotta run a Loser Leaves angle
  11. Yoooooo, Rachel, Mari, and the Riveras Gotta get my Cindy, Davey, and, Black fix this year
  12. Both of Amy's attires are ace
  13. Sting reminded me of Jason David Frank and I instantly shed a tear
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