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  1. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Badass Stiener. You're killing this sheeit mayne. I second what Petey says about the face. In motion, it prolly looks even better
  2. I thought Carrion was on PSN. oh the disappointment when i went searching for it. First My Friend Pedro and now this? You're killing me, Digital Revolver
  3. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Am I mistaken or is that almost exactly like the Jericho models from a few years back? I mean, all of those are hittin nice, but something about Chris is triggering some deja vu. Excellent work as always
  4. I just watched that video. It's absolutely heartbreaking somebody so young, so beautiful, so full of energy and life can be driven to that point of no return. Don't know much about her and only heard of Oedo Tai through you guys via Caws and whatnot but I would've liked to. She seems awesome. Major loss this one
  5. That's too bad, I liked Ruby and how she played off the main cast specifically Cass and Luke. I honestly can't remember how the series ended but it should be interesting to see how they pull it off. Have any of you been watching Stargirl? Sheeit's kinda dark
  6. Defo ready for the boys. Umbrella... meh. I gotta rematch both before they drop
  7. That's hella disrespectful to the youth and blacks
  8. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Gat damn that looks good
  9. Kanye is prolly in a worse state mentally than Biden. Nobody who takes this politics sheeit serious is gonna vote for that dude
  10. So I find it interesting that NBA 2k21's standard edition is 10 bucks more on next gen systems but the Mamba forever edition is 100 bucks on both gens. If they're gonna do price hikes they believe are justified (which it's Take Two, so it's not, with their ridiculous mass layoffs but increased income and room for healthy bonuses) at least be consistent with your sheeit
  11. Shiyoka is beast, but I'm messing up. I have no clue who Lucy is . I gotta look back Oh, the one with the heated red one piece alt. Niiiiice
  12. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Lmao you a beast for that one
  13. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Now "You can run" is just gonna play in my head for ever. I like it. Alot of BK's I've seen in the past have looked kinda off in the face but nased on memory I think this is the best one. I'm sure what ever you do to tweak the model will be ace
  14. Got a bit ahead of himself, did he? So far it's sounding like Rolfe was well within his rights to pull that trigger
  15. WNX

    Peja12s WCW CAWs

    Huh, I thought I posted something about the Ravens. Scratch it though, whatever you did just amped it up 20 times. I wasn't completely sold on the face initially despite it being hella close but I think you nailed it
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