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  1. ^That clothesline to spinning neckbreaker reversal was clean as sheeit
  2. Man, all those characters and not much new sheeit coming out of there. And they REMOVED an advertised character with no mention of it? Would he have had any new moves in there? 2k should've had some sort of announcement off that BEFORE the content release. Prolly shouldn't have done it at all. It doesn't matter if that's WWE's call, people should be compensated for that. That's the epitome of bad business Edit: Okay, that packs not out yet. They need to say/do something and not sit on this. Not everyone gets their information through the same channels we do
  3. Carmine! I'm not understanding what's happening in this picture though. Thumbnail doesn't look like the same hair on her head
  4. I dunno what it is about that hair that I'm absolutely LOVING
  5. ^^^ScheiBe_ would never make Ashley Massaro. Ridiculous to even suggest that Finish your list tho. I wanna see how Jackie comes out. Honestly I can't think of anybody else from that era you didn't hit that I'd like to see
  6. Had a chuckle at "Strangle Things"
  7. Yeah, Showtime is heated. I dig the colors
  8. Unless they extend the runtime of this last one, I dunno how they tie everything up. As far as I know, this isn't something with a potential season 2 on the cards. It was meant to be a one and done before he starts venturing into other media I really appreciate this level of depth coming out of Marvel stories though. Barely even feels like a Marvel property tbh and I'm completely fine with that
  9. She looks good. Don't remember her
  10. WNX

    Today I Learned...

    Today (yesterday) I learned Rosey was Roman Reign's brother. That whole "Bloodline" and the specifics of that lineage continues to elude me EDIT::Today I learned I learned this 3 years ago and forgot, LMAO
  11. Phew. Thanks for the responses and sorry for any confusion. Yeah I said Super Samoan Drop and meant the "Pop up" version because I'm pretty sure that's what [THQ] called it before 2k removed it (?). Last WWE game I played was 2k18, and I don't recall it being in 17 (unless that's the year they took it out) and by "it" I mean something similar to the Samoan Drop 9 in this game that was mentioned (gaddamn BEAUTIFUL btw, props to Ricky and the team). They only had that crappy one that had a bit of delay catching the opponent out of the popup before hitting the drop. I was alway a bigger fan of the 3 Minute Warning era one cause of the snappiness. Very pleased to see it back.
  12. As good as Umaga looks, if they really didn't bother adding a new (or even the old one back) Super Samoan Drop, they've wasted an opportunity and I'm very upset
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