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  1. Having it be April and getting NEW problems is disappointing to hear. Usually if I pick a game up it'd be around this time. Guess I'll wait for them to get their sheeit together first
  2. FINALLY saw the John Wick series and I'm prolly the very last one to do so. It as super fun
  3. Tiger King was pretty damn good. I was just gonna watch one so cause I was referred. Ended up binging the rest today
  4. Almost got my fiance in trouble. Some guy stormed off the job, I thought because,the guy transferred from New York had tested positive but was still,allowed to come in. I told her, she told,her super, which they're super uptight abiut that sheeit because it's a nursing,home. Coming into any contact with a suspected,carrier is an automatic "stay the *Censored* away". Ended up calling HR not HR to inquire and they wanted to ensure me he was from upstate, not the city, and not tested positive, and was simply taking precautions rocking the mask and gloves. After hearing about the Amazon strikes, it makes me wonder though. I wouldn't put it past them knowingly having an infected on property if it keeps the operation going
  5. So I went from having one dream about helping a little girl find her grandma, which for some reason ended up being criminal by breaking into a hotel room to wait for her, to one of me accidentally letting a cougar into a huge reception room then finding out a good number of the attendees were knife wielding maniacs, super heroes, and supervilians. Mara from Aquaman ended up saving my ass sending me on a wave through a window because some guy with a crazy bow and arrow (fired one arrow and it'd break into like 7 side by side magic arrows) said that he remembers "the Bardock incident" and came at me with a sword initially . Now me being me I have no clue what he was talking about but I specifically remember dream me responding with a huge sigh and "aaaaaaaaw sheeeeeeit"
  6. Reluctantly played the demo. Won't be playing it again, XD. It looks amazing though and plays well (can't quite get that timing down for the dodge) but there's such a huge difference between playing something with that kind of atmosphere -with headphones, alone, or so you think, afraid that sny moment your girl will come home and scare the Corona out of you- and watching a playthrough, same sitch minus the actual hands-on. I would rather do the latter. Resident Evil along with many other survival horror games was always something I was dragged into, never did it willingly. 4 was the first I had played on my own time, then 5, then the 6 demo. Haven't touched RE since and prolly won't ever again but at least I can say I tried this one having skipped 2
  7. Finally got around to playing the Remake demo. Spent all of 60 seconds on,the original game, wasn't my cup. I'd like to say this isn't my cup either but I really enjoyed my time with it. I'm very much lookong forward to Maxamillian's playthrough of it
  8. Is this certain someone Barack Obama? Because apparently in 2020, everything seems to be his fault still
  9. Oops, I spoke too soon. My hotel is shutting down Thursday until the 7th I believe. Oh well. Good to hear sheeit is getting better everywhere else because they actually have their sheeit together. Well see what happens from here
  10. This gaddamn panic is almost giving me job security. I work part time preload UPS (bruh those boxes are always *censored*ing disgusting, there's nothing you can do about that and wearing gloves actually makes the job harder to me) and the numbers of sheeit going on some these trucks are on their way to peak season numbers. We don't really have the staff for it, especially drivers because they really need to split those loads so they don't have to bring the sheeit back end of day cause you're talking like 200 stops with some pretty heavy sheeit and union demands they take a full half hour break, but we're making it work. I've seen more TP and paper towels come down that belt than I may have seen my entire life XD. And my hospitality job, nothing really changes for me even though they've cut staff hours, locked out the fitness room, denied fitness members access to the pool, tried to lock down about 70% of the rooms to reduce operational costs, and are converting the breakfast to boxes from the buffet set-up. As far as I'm aware there are 4 confirmed cases in VT, one of which a man from NY was tested positive at the hospital my girl works at. He was supposedly sent back to his state for self-quarantine. We'll see how that goes. School board hasn't made a decision on shutting down and from the sounds of things all the F & B businesses haven't been regulated at all so it comes down to customer discretion whether or not they wanna be in a public space. Haven't seen stores too wiped out other than the paper product shelves at Wal-Mart and a serious hit to their cleaning supply shelves
  11. WNX

    DLC Discussion Thread

    So, he didn't capture that Russian for anybody in particular?
  12. That's hella weird to me, trying to gain momentum from a crowd that doesn't exist. Takes me out of the experience
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