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  1. BiteU141

    NJPW movesets

    Added a few more, including guys like Shingo and Kobashi who didn't have any movesets up on Youtube before.
  2. BiteU141


    The moveset got bugged and defaulted, so he'll reupload it later.
  3. If you give me an hour or two as of me posting this, I can watch some GoD matches and upload a moveset for him. Plus I already have a Tama Tonga moveset in the works. This is EOTR btw, I got my main account back after forgetting my login info lol.
  4. BiteU141

    NJPW movesets

    Edit: Deleted youtube channel
  5. Is Goto abandoned? His new attire is super simple, so I hope not (he's one of my favorites). Here are some refs if anyone wants to make him: http://imgur.com/a/g56CQ He had no entrance gear as well.
  6. I thought his old attire were just pants, but it's this. Is it possible in the game? Unfortunately, at this time his entrance gear was still super elaborate, so you may just want to skip it. Looks like a pain: https://youtu.be/03IWomPOGPw?t=46s You can also get a better look at the in-ring attire in the video.
  7. He never was. Every attempt I've made to get his attire accurate has been a failure. The fading issue is annoying. Can you upload him with his old generic black pants? Better to have a good but outdated Goto, than no Goto in my book. At least his DLC moves and the face you made won't go to waste. Also, have you uploaded the non-DLC Suzuki? I couldn't find it last I checked. His finishers were the DLC.
  8. Hi - is there a non-DLC version of Suzuki? It says I need the Legends DLC.
  9. BiteU141

    New update

    Just simmed Neville vs RVD. After the usual knee in the corner, Neville went straight to the top and won with the Red Arrow. Pre-patch the AI would go on the apron first, then gas out before reaching the top while their opponent gets up. This shouldn't have been broken in the first place, but I'm glad they finally fixed it. Watch CMPulse sim Neville vs RVD. It was painful to watch both Neville and RVD fail dozens of top rope finisher attempts.
  10. Oddly enough, the facepaint version they made seems to be not available at the moment. Just the one with his red and original attire. Anyways, Breeze looks great! I believe the paint is the alternate attire (at least for the black trunks version). Edit: Nevermind, I guess the one I'm talking about is the one you said is gone. Weird how CC keeps removing things.
  11. Does anyone else's Ishii keep getting the pale face glitch? I fix the color and save, but it resets anyway after a while (even though I don't edit him again). He's my only CAW that does this.
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