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    Awesome work on the NJPW guys. Any plans for guys from Suzuki-Gun?
  2. I have quite a few other ones that I worked on. I've taken the ones from Reddit for some of them, so I'll post them for convenience. Sanity + all members Titantron: Sanity Minitron: Arena Wall: The Colons Floor: Arena Ring: Arena DIY Titantron: DIY Minitron: DIY Wall: Goldust Floor: Becky Lynch Ring: Becky Lynch Authors of Pain + both members Titantron: Authors of Pain Minitron: Authors of Pain Wall: The Ascension Floor: The Ascension Ring: The Ascension TM-61 – both members Titantron: TM-61 Minitron: TM-61 Wall: Tye Dillenger Floor: Rhyno Ring: Tye Dillenger Aiden English Titantron: Aiden English Minitron: Finn Balor Wall: Finn Balor Floor: Finn Balor Ring: Finn Balor Asuka Titantron: Asuka Minitron: Asuka Wall: Summer Rae Floor: Summer Rae Ring: Summer Rae Batista '10 Titantron: Batista Minitron: The Usos Wall: The Usos Floor: Jinder Mahal Ring: The Usos Billie Kay Titantron: Billie Kay Minitron: Billie Kay Wall: The Undertaker Floor: The Undertaker Ring: The Undertaker Bobby Roode Titantron: Bobby Roode Minitron: Bobby Roode Wall: Bobby Roode Floor: Tyler Breeze Ring: Bobby Roode Brie Bella Titantron: Brie Bella Minitron: Brie Bella Wall: Nikki Bella Floor: Nikki Bella Ring: Nikki Bella Edge: Titantron: Edge Minitron: Edge Wall: Seth Rollins Floor: The Colons Ring: Seth Rollins Ember Moon Titantron: Ember Moon Minitron: Ember Moon Wall: Bo Dallas Floor: Bo Dallas Ring: Bray Wyatt Hideo Itami Titantron: Hideo Itami Minitron: Hideo Itami Wall: Tye Dillenger Floor: Sami Zayn Ring: Carmella Johnny Gargano Titantron: Johnny Gargano Minitron: Johnny Gargano Wall: Stephanie McMahon Floor: Curtis Axel Ring: Curtis Axel Kassius Ohno Titantron: Kassius Ohno Minitron: Kassius Ohno Wall: Braun Strowman Floor: Braun Strowman Ring: Braun Strowman Kurt Angle '01 Titantron: Kurt Angle Minitron: Kurt Angle Wall: Kurt Angle Floor: American Alpha Ring: America Alpha Kurt Angle '06 Titantron: Kurt Angle Minitron: Kurt Angle Wall: American Alpha Floor: American Alpha Ring: America Alpha Maryse Titantron: Maryse Minitron: The Miz Wall: The Miz Floor: The Miz Ring: The Miz No Way Jose Titantron: No Way Jose Minitron: No Way Jose Wall: No Way Jose Floor: Bayley Ring: Cesaro Peyton Royce Titantron: Peyton Royce Minitron: Peyton Royce Wall: Bray Wyatt Floor: Bray Wyatt Ring: Bray Wyatt Rob Van Dam '06 Titantron: Rob Van Dam Minitron: Nia Jax Wall: Samoa Joe Floor: Nia Jax Ring: Nia Jax Roderick Strong Titantron: Roderick Strong Minitron: Roderick Strong Wall: AJ Styles Floor: AJ Styles Ring: The Undertaker Stephanie McMahon Titantron: Stephanie McMahon Minitron: Stephanie McMahon Wall: Stephanie McMahon Floor: AJ Styles Ring: Emma Sting Titantron: Sting Minitron: Sting Wall: The Colons Floor: Arena Movie (Off) Ring: Seth Rollins Tommaso Ciampa Titantron: Tommaso Ciampa Minitron: Tommaso Ciampa Wall: Rich Swann Floor: Darren Young Ring: Darren Young Tyson Kidd Titantron: Tyson Kidd Minitron: Billie Kay Wall: Stephanie McMahon Floor: Natalya Ring: Darren Young
  3. Summer Rae's graphics work well with Asuka. The Colons wall banner and apron videos work for current Sting. The Colons could also be used for the floor but I switched the floor graphics off - I felt it worked better for him. I also created a titantron for Kevin Owens using his Fight Owens Fight logo (changed to black via Group Logos) and put it on top of the red Legends video. Nikki Bella's minitron, Sami Zayn's wall and Rhyno's floor and apron.
  4. I got the aprons from ones that had been uploaded (I don't think anyone but WWE can really claim ownership of them). I have Roadblock: End of the Line ready to go if anyone is interested.
  5. Summerslam and Hell In A Cell uploaded. I managed to find a workaround for uploading an arenas (basically having to remake the arenas in another saved arena slot). More to come!
  6. That's what I have been doing but I've run out of upload slots so until I can get more I'm afraid.
  7. I don't have Raw Cruiserweight but I do have 205 Live - though it does look pretty similar to the one that Skinperiod has made in that other topic. I can't seem to upload any arenas at the moment though (no idea why...). I'll try and find a way around it and get back to you.
  8. Updated with Clash of Champions, Backlash and Survivor Series arenas.
  9. What's happening when you are trying to download them?
  10. Thanks very much. I haven't actually watched Raw or SmackDown for a while so I didn't realise that the ring skirts have changed. I'll try and find them so I can update them.
  11. Hi there. Since the game came out, I've been working on updating the WWE arenas to the current Raw and Smackdown setups. Due to the current stage setups, I have had to take some liberties with the designs but I think they are accurate to what we are seeing on TV each week. Please note that I have uploaded them as shows (unless stated otherwise) due to the upload manager not letting me upload them as arenas. Hope you enjoy them! RAW *UPLOADED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: RAW 2016, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Update: I have changed the ring aprons and the stage/ramp - there's nothing that comes close to what WWE are using currently and since the stage is only slightly elevated, I figured that having a flat stage would be better than using one that was elevated. Plus the one I had before disabled fighting in the crowd, so... SMACKDOWN LIVE *UPLOADED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: SMACKDOWN, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Update: New ring apron. CLASH OF CHAMPIONS *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: CLASH OF CHAMPIONS, MJM27M, CAWS.WS BACKLASH *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* HASHTAGS: BACKLASH, MJM27M, CAW.WS SURVIVOR SERIES *UPDATED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: SURVIVOR SERIES, MJM27M, CAWS.WS SUMMERSLAM *UPDATED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: SUMMERSLAM, MJM27M, CAWS.WS HELL IN A CELL *UPDATED AS AN ARENA* Hashtags: HELL IN A CELL, MJM27M, CAWS.WS Notes: Although WWE always do the Susan G Komen set up in October, I have decided not to do it (they don't do it in the games anyway) ROADBLOCK: END OF THE LINE *UPLOADED AS A SHOW* Hashtags: ROADBLOCK, END OF THE LINE, CAWS.WS More arenas to come. Old versions
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