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  1. Can't complain, we're two months in & most if the roster is outdated. Likeness changes, name changes, releases.
  2. I'm wondering if Candice LeRae is now gone, her profile has moved.
  3. Half of InDex & half of Dusia gone.
  4. This game is beginning to feel way out if date now with all the name changes & now Kushida leaving.
  5. You can look but you cant touch....
  6. I mean, if people prefer Defract's, they could download both & copy the entrance over.
  7. His 2nd account got perma banned as he went online using a modded version of the game. The creations should be fine.
  8. I think editing the attire makes the model lose the entrance stuff.
  9. Luckily, Status has been uploading the models to CC.
  10. Yep, I hate the Shinsuke is still King Nakamura.
  11. Just tested out thr Usos entrance & they finally announce them as Jimmy and Jey, the Usos. Buhhed me these oast few years when they'd be announced as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, the Usos.
  12. We can only hope. I'm sure nobody has only 5 favourites.
  13. Yep, try adding a couple more & you'll have a notification pop up saying you've hit the max. Kind of a crazy restriction now we have cross platform CC.
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