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Le` Baller

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    I'm bad, I'm nationwide
  • Birthday 10/20/1989

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    Sting and Alundra Blayze
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    Pretty much stick to classic rock, old school hip hop, some blues.
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    Postal Carrier
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    90's WWF & WCW
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    Hernando, MS
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    Watching baseball, football, basketball. Playing softball. Drinking.
  1. I really enjoy that Maty Noyes song, heard it a while back on spotify. Great voice. Greta Van Fleet - Safari Song
  2. I was very disappointed with both ocean's 8 and Jurassic park. The original ocean's trilogy are among my favorite movies all time. Jurassic park, meh, but my girlfriend loves dinosaurs so I watch em. However, Tag was absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend giving it a watch if you want a laugh.
  3. Sucks that it's online only. My internet connection is utterly terrible out here in the countryside. Took me 4 days to update Rock Band 4 last week. I am a huge fallout fan, guess ill be skipping this one.
  4. Don't wanna post a video or nothing, but I broke out the old school to pump me up for my softball game. Jurassic 5 - concrete schoolyard
  5. He may have been on a stud Miami team, but of those 9 championship series, his team was only favored in 2 I believe.
  6. Celtics would have gotten blown out too. No kyrie, no Hayward? Horford can't do it all, and their role players are a step up from the Cavs, but not enough. Can we put an end to the MJ/LeBron debate now though? It's clear to me that LeBron is the better player, but is conversely one of the worst decision makers in history when it comes to team makeup. Because let's face it, LeBron decides who gets to be on his team, and he has definitely struggled in that aspect.
  7. As a cowboys fan, I was so excited to see Anthony Miller right there from Memphis in the second round, begging us to pick him. So what do we do? Let's get our 18th offensive lineman.
  8. I just don't want him to go to Philly. Doesn't seem like a great fit there with Simmons and Embiid. Ya know, if we could swing it, I'd love to see him in a Pistons uni...
  9. This Carolina game is quickly getting ugly. Shame, this is the game i was most looking forward to.
  10. How about a little love for the Braves streak? And in speaking of the Braves, I saw a crazy stat in the game tonight: Craig Kimbrel against the Nats has something like 32 strikeouts and only one walk.
  11. Just wanted to throw this little tidbit in there: My Braves are (or were before tonight) averaging the most runs in baseball. Where in the world was this offense last year? Same guys, minus Alex Gonzalez, who wasn't great anyway. Now Jurrjens just needs to get his head outta his butt and justify his spot in the rotation. When Huddy gets back, Jurrjens may find himself as the 6th man behind Delgado.
  12. Wanted a change, so here goes. Hi, I'm Le` Baller, but my real name is Matthew. I changed my name once I believe, from iceetiger to this. I joined about two years ago and mainly post in the RPG, Indy, Puro, and MMA, and General sections. I love watching most sports, MMA and baseball being a tie for first. I'm 19 and in college, studying to become a history teacher. That's about it. Oh, and I'm an alcoholic.
  13. Dream Band Singer: Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) Lead Guitarist: Carlos Santana (Santana) Bassist: Duff McKagan (Velvet Revolver, Guns N' Roses) Drummer: Danny Carey (Tool) Back-Up Vocals: Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) Overrated Band Singer: Zach De La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) Lead Guitarist: Barry Stock (Three Days Grace) Bassist: Shavo Odajian (System of a Down) Drummer: Jimmy Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold) Back-Up Vocals: Randy Blythe (Lamb of God)
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