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  1. Can't wait to play wwe 13

  2. Your posts are funny. Plus we are large Zack Ryder fans? Best Friends?

  3. Sons Of Anarchy Premieres tonight

  4. Love the new Chickbusters GIF you have in your Sig ;)

    1. Broski Barrage

      Broski Barrage

      thanks I found an even better pic but its to big to use

    2. Broski Barrage

      Broski Barrage

      Check out my main page added a real cute pic of The Chickbusters.

    3. Dazman™


      If you PM me the pic you wanted for your Sig I could probably resize it for you. Yeah I love that pic, I saw it on the Kaitlyn fan site and saved it on my Laptop with the many other Kaitlyn pics on there ;)

  5. i tried watching roh i watched the first episode and that was it. It was good wrestling but other wise it was boring. I guess in wrestling shows you can't win with Roh: good wrestling kinda boring TNA: too much talking cluster*censored* wrestling and WWE: stretched out matches.
  6. New Moveset released ...

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