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    Pro wrestling, video games, music, movies, sports & spending time w/my family.
  1. Just can't come to grips with the fact that it's true. Not an AEW fanboy at all. Just appreciate the art of professional wrestling. I think that the current stale product of the WWE is a disgrace to the sport. This company has never seen the amount of talent that it currently employs and to waste valuable TV and live event time on storylines involving extramarital affairs, dog food angles, a champion non-champion (Lesnar), a puppet show with a man who is schizophrenic. I mean come on, man. Why do people allow this company to insult their intelligence. I know that, in the end, it's entertainment but no one can write a better storyline involving said talents. Where does it end? Push the underutilized talent that you have and create better storylines and allow them to be themselves. Before it's too late.
  2. I got one for ya'. Who in the hell cares about any match on this card. The show will be a dumpster fire of nothing with screwy finishes and terrible booking. All the while, Vinnie Mac will sit in the back and count his money. A waist of time and effort.
  3. Top notch as always, Nick. Fitting tribute to one of the most underrated wrestlers of our generation. Well done, bro.
  4. Top notch creations as always, Bhangra. Stellar stuff. Wanted to throw out a quick request if you wouldn't mind. Any chance of maybe an attempt at Dynamite Kid? Thought I'd ask.
  5. For sure. Patience is a virtue. Don't wanna rush this. Can't wait to see an update.
  6. I see no fault whatsoever. Simply amazing work, bro.
  7. Nice to see Yoshino get some love in this community. Great work, man. Can't wait to see who you create next. Hope it's Doi or Yamato.
  8. Great stuff here. Shame that they haven't been uploaded. Oh well I guess.
  9. Really awesome stuff, Ryee. Can't wait for the Omega.
  10. Any updates on the Keith Lee front? Looks amazing by the way. Great stuff.
  11. What an absolute pile of dogshit. This show was the epitome of what Vince McMahon and the WWE think of the SPORT OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! Fans should be outraged and utterly disgusted by what was put on display in this glorified house show. This show gives the true pro wrestling fan a glimpse into how Vince McMahon feels about the WWE "Universe." To continually shit all over every talented worker and push those who don't want to be there or would rather be there on a part time basis. It really is a travesty and I wish that all the guys that are being held down would pull a Neville and simply walk out. Enough said.
  12. Back at it again, Nomod. Great stuff as always. Any chance of some classic NWA guys? Just wondering, man.
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