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  1. Honestly, after this debacle, I'm done with the franchise. I've learned my lesson, it was a very hard lesson but I learned my lesson. Whether this guy is telling the truth or not, it's fairly obviously from how WWE 2k20 has been handled that he's probably not that far from the truth.
  2. Reading the comments, I'm not hopeful for this game. I really just wanted CAW & Universe mode working but it seems like neither is really fixed so back to Outer Worlds until the next patch
  3. Yeah, that's been my reason as well. Once that gets fixed, I'll probably play it more. I even tried to enjoy universe mode but it kept crashing every two matches I played.
  4. That's what I've been hoping for, they haven't even said that they are trying to fix the problems. This is probably my last time buying a WWE game at launch.
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