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  1. bump for formula
  2. by all means if you think you can help out in those areas feel free to give it a try. This CAW as it stands right now is 64 layers of madness... They dont give many feasible options for the ribcage or mask. The mask is hard to get to morph the way i would like do to the fact that all of these layers are facepaint/designs.... I've tried every concievable way of getting this mask to be shaped properly... But do to layer constraints its the best that can be done. If you'd like to try giving it a shot PM me and i'll give you the formula for the mask and see if you can come up with what is not striking you right. The one thing that always strikes me about these boards, as i have been a long time viewer, is that people are very quick to disern that once a CAW maker posts a CAW formula, that formula is set in stone. Although I would be honored to have each of you make this CAW in your own games, it should be noted that each and every one of us has a final say as to what the caw will appear to look like once you create him in our own game. If anyone else has any criticisms please feel free to post them. Although i feel that perhaps mortis wasnt my best choice to start off my online CAW career. I feel these caws should be more of a community effort, since EVERYONE benefits from the formulas.
  3. when enough people request the formula i will post it in its entirety. To be quite honest i bet you if i told you how i did the ribs...i could leave out all 25 of those layers hahaha.... but not a problem the formula will probably go up this weekend since i have off work for 2 weeks after that. I think next I'm either gonna work on ravens flock, or... maybe like all four road warriors (Hawk, Animal, Droz, and Heindenrich)
  4. the line above the nose is really where the mask stops... if you look at this pic you can see where the mask stops around his nose.... the others i will work on. Im redesigning his attire now with a different ribcage. bump for new attire
  5. i appreciate your comments but i do not understand what lines you are speaking of on the mask? as for the ribcage ill go back through and see what i can do about it... Like i said in a previous post its VERY hard to do using Chinese and Japanese letters.. I'll also see what i can do about the eye make up. Thanks for you suggestions
  6. here are some pics of the finished mortis... Unfortunately my cap card isnt compatible with my TV, but i guarantee this caw looks almost perfect in game. If i get enough requests i WILL do the formula...but seeing how not many people have commented..not worth the time right now... haha nothin???? well i guess i just keep him on the shelf
  7. Is anyone working on a moveset for Mortis/Kanyon? Would love to post formula with Moveset, Entrance, and CAW. If and when i get enough requests ill post the formula i started typing it up last night. P.S. If anyone wants to give some constructive criticisms while i work on morphing i'd be quite pleased. mortis is finisshed will add pictures soon
  8. let me show some attire although it will be fuzzy....havent touched morphing yet 63 layers later.... Will post formula once morphing is done...if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Hardest part of the ribcage design was using japanese and chinese symbols because the designs were at to sharp of an angle down bump for body edit
  9. I meant WCW. I was torn between making him in the green, or his purple outfit that he used in WWE. I think the green def. looks a lot, tougher. The thing thats tough is I'd like to do his face as he looks unmasked. But being that the skull designs are facepaint it looks very unmortis like when the facepaint is added. Thats why on the picture i took you can see he is wearing that green mask. So his face may end up having to look nothing like Kanyon, but everything like mortis. When Im done doing these updates ill take some more pictures. The skull designs work good for his knee pads and belt, but i wish i could add the shoulders and cape, DARN THIS NEW FANGLED CREATE A PLAYER LIMITATIONS. added updated mask pic
  10. Mortis was the alter ego of Chris Kanyon during his stint in ECW. He used to rock some sweet skull shoulder pads with a cape and did like a superkick which smacked glaciers head into the ringpost outside. He was pretty brutal...not the "Positively" Kanyon or whatever he later went on to do. I think ugly wrestlers are always better in masks anyway, Look at Mick Foley.
  11. thanks phenom...unfortunately making mortis with the designs this game has given has proven to be a feat because his original ribcage design will not fit within the sides of his outfit without overlapping the green. His pants look pretty spot on though. THe mask Im redoing as we speak and tweaking the head a bit to give it that "kanyon" look. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  12. like i said, work in progress, if anyone has any advice, let me know, i could use all the help i could get
  13. Name: Mortis HUD Name: Mortis Nickname: N/A Nickname Placement: Announcer Introduction: I chose Marcus Hometown: NA Gender:Male Weight Class: Heavyweight 245 Match Tactic: Clean Show: Raw Voice: 2 Match Specialty: Your choice Head Morphing: 63 53 0 Forehead: 0 38 -12 0 -Face Morphing- Eyebrows: -65 0 15 100 Eyes: -1 2 0 -24 23 0 21 Nose: -29 41 0 -92 -23 28 -40 -100 Cheeks: -100 -28 12 28 Mouth:18 -23 -40 -53 22 -71 -100 Jaw: 61 57 -58 23 -27 -18 Ears: 10 -14 17 21 Skin Aging: -Body Morphing- Body Type: -3 -Advanced Options- Neck: Chest:0 -17 0 Shoulder: Abdomen: 0 23 0 Waist: Arms: Hands: Legs:26 0 0 Feet: Body Skin: 6/9 color choice 4 Body Height: 6’ 3†02. Face Skin Tones: 9/12 03. Eyes: 3/8 (Color is the blackest black you can make) 04. Eyebrows: 42/54 default color 05. Eyelashes: default 06. Lips: default 07. Teeth: default 08. Hair: 22/50 custom color -100 -100 -49-50 09. Body Hair: none 10. Underwear: MASK 11. Face paint 66/154 custom color 39 99 0 100 12. Face paint 68/154 custom color -100 -100 -70 13. face paint 18/154 custom color 25 -100 13 100 14. face paint 40/154 custom color 21 -100 3 100 15. face paint 60/154 custom color 100 0 35 65 16. make up 62/65 custom color 100 -100 -100 100 17. Face Design 103/137 custom color -100 -100 33 100 **Flip this one time and size it to fit right over the mouth to connect the lips of the mask to the nose part of the mask** When U finish it should look like half the upper lip is covered.*** 18. Face Design 103/137 custom color -100 -100 33 100 **Flip this one time and size it to fit right over the mouth to connect the lips of the mask to the nose part of the mask on the other side of the one u just did** When U finish it should look like the whole upper lip is covered.*** 19. Face Design 103/137 custom color -52 -85 -54 *** This design and the next one will cover up the bottom lip of the lip facepaint and give you the look of the mask stopping at the lip. Do not rotate this but size to fit 1 half of the lip. Finish the other half with the next Layer*** 20. Face Design 103/137 custom color -52 -85 -54
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