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  1. I've got missing texture on Pearce and Ruff. Any solution? Thanks for your hard work
  2. Big thanks for your team. My caw roster are mostly from you guys. I wonder who is this nascarfan guy.
  3. Love the Edge update. I think his head is too small compare to Edge ingame model. One thing that I notice from your last Edge, the face looks so good from the front shot. But from the side view, it's kinda miss Adam's profile. My suggestion is you gotta work on that area more. Keep on the good work. Are you misterfiend on CC?
  4. If there is any good King Corbin custom attire. I have downloaded many, but all of them have blank logo because of the glitch. Also downloaded really good Current Goldberg that able to fix the hair/beard dye glitch. I believe it's Razaback's Goldberg.
  5. Ryeedee reupload John Morrison. Able to download it now and oh boy, it does look amazing.
  6. Does anyone able to download ryeedee's John Morrison? I have deluxe edition but still unable to download it.
  7. Yeah something that I've been waiting since 2k15. It's pretty big deal for me. I see it's not perfect but atleast they bring it back.
  8. I like that you have to play DLC to unlock item. It does give me motivation to really finished all the tower. And about The Fiend, cmon guys. It's easy, it takes about 30 min to finish it. About the absence of the current roster, it's reasonable. I don't really need Lio Rush to be honest, and he makeable on CAW mode. Walter and The Imperium, they don't feature NXT UK that much yet. Named any superstar that worthy to be included on Future Pack. I honestly can't do it. The fact that they include The Fiend on the first pack is good enough.
  9. Have played the game for a week now. Gotta say I love it. I haven't got any crash, maybe because I only play exhibition, showcase, and 2k original. Download some content on CC with no issue. But I do have some textures missing on King Corbin attire. About the 2k Original, I think I like it. It's a little bit difficult, it's pretty challenging. Yeah it could be better, but I love the idea. I don't know guys, but I really love this game. Maybe because I've never played 2k19 or any last game before. And maybe because I don't spend most time on Creation Suite. I haven't tried universe mode. If it works fine with just some minor glitches, it's gonna be my most play game.
  10. 2 button finisher is actually challenging. When you able to hit it, you feel like it's something special. I think I'm in with the new controls. Also play FPWW, so it's not a problem. I haven't able to learn limb targeting tho. Is it same as last gen or any different?
  11. Does the chain wrestling break on ps4? R2+□ doesn't work.
  12. Well that Edge is surely Rated-R Good job man, will download it as soon as I online.
  13. I got my deluxe on ps4 Xmas eve... I asked Sony for a refund, they gave me it by like day after boxing day... But in about 4 days I grew to enjoy it. I gotta be honest and say for £/$ 45.. with all the dlc its alright now... i've had very few crashes since xmas... still major flaws and annoying bugs when doing Caw's or edits.. but to just play the game it's worth it. Basically 2k20 is a step down from 19 &18 1. But its got a more up-to-date WWE roster 2. Hogan! Not a "Hog Logan" caw 3. Proper Mankind, not a caw version 4. I guess womens career thing.. if you care for that. 5. originals is kinda fun.. reminds me of Mortal Kombat and thats all I can think of ... Coming from last gen, I think I'll enjoy it. Backstage fight, breakout system, edit superstar (oh wait it's buggy) and the graphic will be the selling point for me. And Digital Deluxe is about $30 in my region. 1. I love the current WWE roster 2. Hogan is always fun to have 3. Love Mankind 4. Not women revolution fan, but it should be fun 5. 2k Original looks cool to me, and they still have 2 others I'll take the poison and wish by the end of the road they somehow fix it. Thanks man, it helps a lot. 2k19 is almost better in every way. But besides a more to update roster even 2k17 will feel better than 2k20. Yeah it does look better. But 2k20 is cheaper. And the server for 2k19 will be dead soon. If I love 2k20 and get frustate with the glitch, I'll try to get 2k19 too.
  14. How's the game in ps4? I recently buying the digital deluxe edition, but haven't downloaded it yet. I can't resist because the lower price. It's so cheap for deluxe edition. I couldn't get 2k19 deluxe edition because it's too expensive for last year game. I haven't played wwe game on ps4 before, so I'm so excited. The last wwe game I play is 2k17 on ps3 and I pretty much love it. What do you think, will I enjoy 2k20? I still have the option to refund.
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