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  1. You ready for WM, Im SUPER EXCITED.

    1. L.I.O.


      Heeellll yeah bro. I'm really pumped actually

  2. Also how did your remove your member title completely.

    1. Tsel


      I don't know, I just didn't put anything in the space lol.

  3. Thats a good idea SOTW should be Staff Bars next week lol.

  4. Ohh an Olivia Munn Fan Aswell...

  5. We shall see, they need a miracle. What do you think of the latest siggehh?

  6. Well thank you so much! I try lol, and OMG your a J-E-T-S Fan! *Puts his head down in shame*

  7. OOOO, Thanks! you like the Munn sig I just made lol, its really simple though.

  8. Yeah, Merry Chrsitmas Biiiach! BTW what did you get Rich Hore.

  9. Asked G if I could go back on Active Staff, as I am here anyways like all the time, so why not be on active staff lol.

  10. Well sent that before we won and yes we do, but we need a Franchise QB, not a Back-up. And we did win, not that it means anything now lol only moral boast.

  11. Who knows, a new QB is needed though.

  12. Phins have a new coach lol.

  13. Oh its because I moved it lol.

  14. Congrats on U-Mod!

  15. Love Bo Burnham.

  16. You see RAAM'S Shadow?

  17. Tell me about it. I was all in for Suck for Luck, now that the Colts locked it in, I would like to see some wins lol.

  18. Yo soy name change on XBL...

    x|xDolfanx|x, Nice right ;)

  19. Howwwww bout Cammmm....ehh whatever!

  20. Ur dumb, I removed you Profile Picture like a year ago and you still haven noticed. *harharharhahar*

  21. FoosBall and HW sorry Bro.

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