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  1. Just wanted to pop in on behalf of Denmark and say "Ha!"
  2. Honestly - It's real good to see how many of you guys are still here and keep in touch. I also laughed hard at what an absolute shitshow the end of the year awards for 2020 were. Never change caws!
  3. The distributors of 2k games in Denmark had already sent me a digital deluxe code for 2k17.. but yesterday in the mail I got the NXT version as well, did not expect that..
  4. After 13 days "trapped" in Spain, because my wife's water broke 6 weeks early and gave birth to my son while on holiday, we were finally allowed and able to come back home to Denmark on Wednesday. I am not going abroad for the foreseeable future.
  5. My wife was on holiday in Spain.. I woke up to a message that said her water had broke, 6 weeks early. Never would'ved imagined that, she was suppose to be back home tuesday and hive birth early novemeber.So i flew from Denmark to Spain today, and now I have a son - luckily he was ahead of growth, and could easily beat up all the other prenatal kids in the ward - and he's the size of a regular baby and doesnt look like an alien, which is pretty nice! El hijo Danés!
  6. That's a very poor Pentagon Jr. also welcome back.
  7. Rewatching Nitro from 2000, from the date when Russo and Bischoff took over on-screen. Juat saw a backstage segment in which Mr.Perfect was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck. A sleeveless turtleneck
  8. Finishing up my 10 weeks of thrice weekly personal training tomorrow, final weight-in, stats and tests. Only downside is I had a savage workout yesterday and my legs are so goddamn sore and tight, hoping it'll be gone tomorrow and won't impede me in my physical tests.
  9. "Last active yesterday"

    1. Generations


      That was because my account was set to automatically log in, and I accidentally clicked the shortcut that I had for the forum. Not that I need to explain myself. Anyway, I'm back now. Been two solid months.

  10. According to recent measurement I dropped 3% body-fat, gained 4 pounds of muscle and knocked 9 years off my body-age the last 4 weeks.
  11. Happy it's sorted. Now I don't feel as bad for laughing at the fact, that you're the only guy I know, and probably ever will know, that can have a potential family and marriage ruining experience courtesy of 10 yards of misdelivered mulch.
  12. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole. Why not just cut out the middlewoman and go straight to the source? Even better!
  13. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole.
  14. Started the 3rd week of my 12 weeks of personal training - starting to feel improvements!
  15. RDR is one of the most well-executed games ever, allonge with MGS 1 and Super Mario 3. So stoked for at sequel
  16. Landed a campaign, where I will transform my body with a personal trainer over the course of the next couple of months.. Just got back from the contract signing.
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