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  1. The distributors of 2k games in Denmark had already sent me a digital deluxe code for 2k17.. but yesterday in the mail I got the NXT version as well, did not expect that..
  2. After 13 days "trapped" in Spain, because my wife's water broke 6 weeks early and gave birth to my son while on holiday, we were finally allowed and able to come back home to Denmark on Wednesday. I am not going abroad for the foreseeable future.
  3. My wife was on holiday in Spain.. I woke up to a message that said her water had broke, 6 weeks early. Never would'ved imagined that, she was suppose to be back home tuesday and hive birth early novemeber.So i flew from Denmark to Spain today, and now I have a son - luckily he was ahead of growth, and could easily beat up all the other prenatal kids in the ward - and he's the size of a regular baby and doesnt look like an alien, which is pretty nice! El hijo Danés!
  4. That's a very poor Pentagon Jr. also welcome back.
  5. Rewatching Nitro from 2000, from the date when Russo and Bischoff took over on-screen. Juat saw a backstage segment in which Mr.Perfect was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck. A sleeveless turtleneck
  6. Finishing up my 10 weeks of thrice weekly personal training tomorrow, final weight-in, stats and tests. Only downside is I had a savage workout yesterday and my legs are so goddamn sore and tight, hoping it'll be gone tomorrow and won't impede me in my physical tests.
  7. I blame you. Screw you, copper! I haven't talked with him in weeks!
  8. According to recent measurement I dropped 3% body-fat, gained 4 pounds of muscle and knocked 9 years off my body-age the last 4 weeks.
  9. Happy it's sorted. Now I don't feel as bad for laughing at the fact, that you're the only guy I know, and probably ever will know, that can have a potential family and marriage ruining experience courtesy of 10 yards of misdelivered mulch.
  10. Not understanding black culture is fundamental to white culture. You should know and respect this.
  11. *censored*ing hell Muur, hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  12. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole. Why not just cut out the middlewoman and go straight to the source? Even better!
  13. Where? I wanna go there and *Censored* her, so you can taste my dick and asshole.
  14. It's from the first season, mayn!
  15. First thing I thought as well! His rendition of Girls just wanna have fun is hilarious, though.
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