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  1. lol thanks Joel, nice fist pump in your pic there too

  2. lol that's the thing dude,every year since 2006 Tom Rice asked for apps to be a mod and every year I applied thinking my knowledge, common sense approach and modding of e-feds and Batista's official forums would help but every time the "job" was given to someone who'd leave after a few months or didn't seem to actually do anything as a moderator, actually forgot that thi...

  3. Dazz

    Well hate to burst your bubble but I did originate the JeriShow name, first on caws.ws the moment Big Show was announced as Jericho's tag team partner then on Demon-Wrestling's forums so if you wanna believe otherwise not my problem

  4. yeah man, had a great time too

  5. yeah hoping there's more interest to keep me posting a lot more

  6. lol yeah, damn right we'll be mods, counting down the days

  7. Dazz


    Well guess I'm a mind reader then since you are using it now lmao

  8. lol well you seem to be the only one. Plus it was a response to the ridiculousness of the "Cena Haters don't know shit about wrestling" someone has which is quite clearly false, otherwise everyone in the Wrestling section would be braindead morons not knowledgable fans

  9. I thought it was a great album, some awesome riffs, great lyrics, seemed like a concept album dealing mostly with death (especially My Apocalypse and car crashes, Cyanide with suicide etc)

  10. Basically saying that I got screwed over in the WWE/ECW Chat mod job and lost that position to someone I've never even seen on the forums before

  11. Dream band (if I could only pick one for each and each member could only do one thing otherwise I'd have my rhythm guitarist singing): Drums - John Bonham Rhythm Guitar - James Hetfield Lead Guitar - Dimebag Darrell or Zakk Wylde (can't make up my mind which) Bass - Les Claypool (damn I can't say Cliff Burton) Vocals - Layne Staley
  12. lol

    No I know, weird huh? A mod of what though? I'd say you'd be great for the WoW section

  13. Yeah she's my girlfriend dude

  14. Dazz

    Thanks, yeah only got into them myself when people made a fuss about a woman replacing the original singer years back, loved them since, nice to see I helped someone out somehow

  15. Cool thanks man

  16. Thanks dude, you are too from what I've seen of your posts, keep it up

  17. Cool, classical is always good to relax to

  18. That's awesome, congratulations

  19. Not much at all my man, just recovering from a bad cold, how about you?

  20. Cool thanks, always figured your knowledge of wrestling and life in general was pretty vast and you seem pretty damn cool. Seem like a rock sorta chick too, more 80s stuff to be honest but could be wrong

  21. Ya know, I always thought you seemed to be a cool chick, just never had chance to say hey till now so err....hey!:D

  22. How am I ruining your topics sir?

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