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  1. ZX DOES want an intelligent, knowledgable mod for any section...

  2. lol thanks Joel, nice fist pump in your pic there too

  3. Dazz, you are still truly God to me goddamnit!

    - From The Dude Formerly Known As BRAAINBUSTAH~!

  4. Yeah they don't do that anymore for some reason.

  5. Yeah they just pick people through PM now.

  6. lol that's the thing dude,every year since 2006 Tom Rice asked for apps to be a mod and every year I applied thinking my knowledge, common sense approach and modding of e-feds and Batista's official forums would help but every time the "job" was given to someone who'd leave after a few months or didn't seem to actually do anything as a moderator, actually forgot that thi...

  7. You know you'll be more likely to be a mod if you don't request it. lol :P

  8. B-Dix

    You sound like a Typical little kid who wants people to recongize him so you try to take credit for somthing that you did not do or say. Fact is I heard people referring to Jericho and Big Show as JeriShow before they even became a Tag Team. That's How I know your Wrong.

  9. Dazz

    Well hate to burst your bubble but I did originate the JeriShow name, first on caws.ws the moment Big Show was announced as Jericho's tag team partner then on Demon-Wrestling's forums so if you wanna believe otherwise not my problem

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