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  1. In the Upload section, choose the one you want to replace, pick the option "Choose Slot" (i think, something like that). It'll take you to your postable caws. Just pick what you want and you'll get your upload options.
  2. My condolences. Happened to me too. At least I only had to remake about 6 custom caws at the time.
  3. sonofblaine


    I think 2K just hates the Wyatts. When I win a match with all three and their end motions (where they attack and give an opponant sister abigail), Bray and the opponant are invisible. At least for me.
  4. Update in OP: Behold! Riding from the north, Warlord Brock Lesnar! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqzEhiUYRbM
  5. Update: Warlord Brock Lesnar Tags: brock_lesnar, WWE, sonofblaine, fantasy, face paint ______ Dangerous Dean Ambrose Tags: Dean_Ambrose, WWE, sonofblaine, face paint
  6. That Awesome Kong is... well awesome. I'm getting it next time I play.
  7. Ditto on this. Love your Papa Shango, Venom Balor, and Ryback I've gotten. Looking forward to adding oldschool Dust to my classic show.
  8. Great. Wonder how long til they patch it, if they do. I've been trying to figure it out myself, and hopefully I can make a few for my own use before it happens. Planning on getting the Ascension Ryback. Dude looks like a beast in that gimmick.
  9. Because of my schedule and not using twitter, I can't catch any twitch feeds to possibly see the trick myself. If anyone's learned it, I'd be grateful for instuctions for the glitch in a PM. Since I don't use Twitter, facebook, or any social media (I keep to myself), I won't be spreading it. I'd just like to have it for my own use. Also, that Papa Shango is amazing. I've got one someone made putting his face on a mask, but I'd like to replace it. Any chance it and/or the classic Goldust will be uploaded soon? Didn't see them on the list of uploaded ones.
  10. I turned Fandango back into Johnny Curtis. Also, I gave Cena a tie dye tshirt with his own face on it... (This one ) ...the jester hat and Fandangos entrance, as well as changing his taunts to verious weird spaz out moves.
  11. Sorry, haven't been on in a bit. I'll take care of that asap. Thanks for the interest.
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