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Rise of Nightmares

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    The Nightmare King
  • Birthday 09/19/1982

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    Macho Man Randy Savage
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    Rock Pop JPop Nu Metal Anime/Video Game Music and some Country and Rap.
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    Non-Employee of the Month
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    WWE & TNA
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    Pizza, Pasta, Donuts, Burritos and Fried Chicken.
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    Sports, Cartoons/Anime and Game Shows
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    Credit is in my sig, under the spoiler tags.

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    Bland, Missouri
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    Anime, Video Games, Maxx (My Dog) and Wrestling
  1. I actually wish I could have gotten one of AJ's shirts before she left, the only wrestling shirt I have left now that isn't falling apart is an Eddie Guerrero shirt.
  2. Figures the week I miss is the week Velvet Sky returns.
  3. Seriously, there is being a fan, then there is *censored* creepy...he is the latter.
  4. X-Pac as a legend!? HELL NO! 1-2-3 Kid...yes.
  5. Its a very good possibility, Regal and Burchill had a stable in SVR 07 and they had been broken up for awhile, so it wouldn't surprise me to see Rated RKO as a stable in the game...and if they aren't, I'm gonna make them one anyway.
  6. Its used for CAWs nothing more, it doesn't mean Trish is in, we will have to wait for the roster before we know that for sure.
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