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Rise of Nightmares

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    Macho Man Randy Savage
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  1. Main eventer on Smackdown Triple H
  2. Use her for a few rivalries, but that's about it. Rikishi (He IS in the game, right?)
  3. I think its safe to assume that AJ will not be in the game, it would be awesome if she was in, but I doubt she will be.
  4. In WWE14 I used The Diamond Cutter and Del Rio's Cross Armbreaker as my CAWs finishers, but since I haven't played WWE15 yet, I don't know if those moves were still in, so I have no clue what I will use...if I even get the game.
  5. Same, I swear she was with a guy and had a baby. That's because she was.
  6. Lets just hope she isn't stuck with a martial arts gimmick like almost every other asian wrestler in WWE has.
  7. He should feel lucky that being banned from future WWE events is the only punishment he got.
  8. GM Mode was fun for its time, but I would prefer they just improve Universe mode instead of bringing it back.
  9. The kendo stick, simply for the sound it makes when it connects, that sounds like it hurts.
  10. There is definitely a reason for a match to happen, its so that Undertaker can avenge having his streak broken by Lesnar, that being said though, I still wouldn't want to see this and I am a huge Undertaker fan.
  11. I don't see the big deal with Steve Austin being on the cover, at least it isn't John Cena again.
  12. I totally agree, I've never liked that term, I don't feel guilty for liking Kelly Kelly, I just posted her because I wanted to participate in the topic.
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