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  • Birthday 09/18/1994

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    hardcore holly kane and sable
  • Favourite Music
    wolfmother! anything from guitar hero and guns and roses
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    umm virgo
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    going on CAWS.WS
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    wrestling society X
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    tacos ese!
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    umm i have no clue
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    pros vs joes

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    an island in the sun
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    some WWF and madden and football video games guitar hero
  1. dude that sucks my no mercy used to do that then i got a new used one shortest pretty much svrr 07 i just need to beat money in the bank but the new ladder mode sucks i got all the other trophies within a day or 2 longest WWF NO MERCY i got it 4-5 years ago and it usd to erase every time i got hbk which reallly sucked cause he was my fav at the time but i got a new one with andre floating around in it so now i just need ho and i have all characters
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