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  1. All caws have now been reuploaded, Hogan & Foley are unchanged. RVD & Owen have had minor facial detailing/morphing tweaks. CM Punk is a complete rework for both his face morphing's and face texture/detailing/facial hair. I've updated all his attires (logos and/or bandaging textures under his kneepads) for the appropriate attires. I've also added another slot for CM Punk's 2009 attires complete with longer hair.
  2. All versions of the NEW CM Punk has now been uploaded. I've also uploaded two versions of my 2011 slot, one with the new hair option and the other has his original hair for those which prefer it.
  3. Best in the world update posted, I might need to tweak the blue colour for his SummerSlam 2013 attire before I upload him?
  4. Since I've finally reached gold level I now have more upload slots available, as a result of this Cactus Jack has also now been uploaded.
  5. New update for RVD, final face? I've got to say that the lack of feedback is a bit disheartening for both knowing if this caw is heading in the right direction or if this caw is even liked or wanted?
  6. I have two more planned caws but I'm not sure that I'll be making any more after that as I'm kind of losing interest in the game now.
  7. I've only got the one attire done for Cactus Jack atm and I still need to find a decent 2nd attire I can do before uploading him, have you got any suggestions for a 2nd attire as I can't find any decent reference pics.
  8. Hulk Hogan V2 has now been uploaded. I would recommend to whoever downloaded the older V1 to replace it with this updated version for his Red & Yellow slot because it has a new/improved face texture and more accurate face morphing's. It also has changes to the material used for both his belt and boots which looks more realistic and far better in-game now. His nWo slot has also been uploaded with the same updates/changes for both attires.
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