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  1. remember when Triple H got pinned by The Brooklyn Brawler lol
  2. Kairi Sane vs Tessa Blanchard in the first round of the Mae Young Classic.
  3. i love horrors and will watch just about anything except anything to do with human alteration (i'm looking at you Human Centipede) and torture (though i love the Saw films and don't class these as torture as everything is self-inflicted). my faves though are horrors from the 1980s, i've seen tons and tons from this decade and just love all the awesome practical effects and outlandish supernatural stories and gore. Too many great ones to name but a few of my fave more obscure films would be Demons 1&2, Street Trash, Re-Animator and Chopping Mall to name a few. with the arrival of Scream in 1996 i felt that horrors got really shit and nearly everything that followed was just mindless slasher flicks where the killer was just someone dressed up, all the supernatural stuff seemed to be dead and buried. that was until i saw the film 1408 which came out in 2007 and my faith in the genre was restored.
  4. remember when Bubba Ray Dudley got a shot at Kurt Angle's WWF title, when he wasn't a singles competitor?
  5. Mostly just WWE 2K16 at the moment, although i have recently went back to Story of Thor (aka Beyond Oasis) on Ultimate Megadrive Collection on PS3.
  6. Nice to see another fan, i played these games a lot back in the day on the megadrive/genesis then years later i played number 2 to death on the rom, finally completing it on all 4 difficulties. Lately i've just been playing WWE 2K16 and GTA 3, both on PS4. Trying to plat GTA 3 before moving onto Vice City and San Andreas to do the same.
  7. i bought the game on Friday, and so far i gotta say i'm not overly impressed by it. i was really looking forward to it but so far i don't like the story as i can't stand the whole "everyone has a virus and starts killing" cliché, i just find that such a dull enemy. i don't like the focus on stealth, i for one love stealth games but i just don't think this game adds anything new to the genre, it just seems pretty standard and this mechanic in the game hasn't wowed me yet. the game is nice to look at though, but gameplay/story-wise maybe i just haven't played enough of it yet.
  8. Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence
  9. Beavis & Butt-Head, season 8 from 2011
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