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  1. Moondog

    OMG Moments

    i'm ok with them, all i would like to see added is OMGs with weapons, then they would be worth it and make no DQ matches more brutal. for example i would love to see one where they bend the chair over someone's skull like JBL did to Eddie etc. or one with the sledgehammer when you break it over their back like Triple H did to Vince in 2006.
  2. yes! i'm always looking for a decent X-Pac caw but never see any worth downloading, this one changes that
  3. awesome, exactly what i've been looking for. i downloaded a Danny Burch when the game came out, then along came a slightly better one, now finally a perfect one
  4. probably the best Freddy i've ever seen in a WWE game might have to give him a download.
  5. Just did along with another attire. Re-uploaded Kevin with 2 more attires. Again, no textures were used (used "group logos" though). Probably would've been way easier using textures but meh. Also I know Kevin wore different boots for his EC 2015 attire but I prefer his kickpads. Don't think anyone really cares but just addressing that for people all about accuracy. awesome, thanks
  6. can you do more KO attires? like his Elimination Chamber 2015 attire against Cena, with the GI Joe style logo.
  7. did they? thank f*ck, i was so pissed off to see this lame restriction.
  8. so far importing attires seems to work perfectly, always had an issue with this before. the inclusion of ALL, MALE, FEMALE, CHAMPIONS, and CRUISERWEIGHTS in the character selection is great, i just wish ALL would've included CAWs also. 3 and 4 team tag matches, also with elimination
  9. the removal of elimination from fatal 4 ways i enjoyed having fatal 4 way KO or first blood elimination matches last year. oh not to mention the shocking elimination chamber matches, where they re-added the flashing light pod selection (great) and better sound effects when they hit the steel (great), then ruin it with invisible glass that makes no sound or animation when someone is speared through it. WTAF?!
  10. can someone please make some NXT attires for American Alpha? especially these ones; Thanks
  11. Moondog


    definitely fantastic work, but i had a Ricochet last year from CC that was mind blowing, even my mate thought he was actually in the game when i selected him lol
  12. Can't remember which game had which songs and most of them were shit. Only faves of mine off the top of my head are: Breaking Benjamin - Firefly Dillinger Escape Plan - Unretrofied Dark New Day - Pieces Black Sabbath - Paranoid Eazy E - Boyz n the Hood Tech N9ne - Straight Out the Gate
  13. god yes! that was the best one. other moves i miss are the Test Big Boot and a move called 'Remember That' which was only ever in one of the Smackdown games, it was a freefall toss straight into a fast high impact front powerslam. we do have something close to it now but it's only off a rope rebound and isn't as impactful.
  14. i'm pretty sure everything is included in the save, and that's why it's so big.
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