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  1. That works very well, thanks! Got any suggestions for Queen Zelina?
  2. How about Maximum Male Models? Don’t want to use Tyler Breeze’s theme despite that obvious model sound because hearing “look everyone it’s Tyler” and him singing throws me off from using it for someone else. I’m currently using Flamboyant for Mace and Mansoor, and LA Knight’s theme for their trio entrance with him.
  3. I’d go with the Perfectionist theme for Mr. Perfect. It captures the pompousness of the character.
  4. Anyone got any suggestions for Mace’s new theme from his recent dark match? https://youtu.be/vKhtKdXNKlg I’m currently using NXT: Stand and Deliver. Anyone got any ideas for something that’s closer to the music linked above? Preferably from the generic or show themes. I prefer to avoid using other wrestlers’ themes unless they’re teammates or something (so I may give him LA Knight’s once that DLC comes out, if nothing fits better).
  5. For Madcap Moss, now that he’s not with Corbin anymore, I recommend Ladies Man. Once it gets going, it’s the only choice that comes close to the style of Madcap’s solo theme.
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