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  1. Anyone got any suggestions for the Hurt Business’s theme? Currently just using Lashley’s for the group and for MVP himself.
  2. I’m using Josie Jane’s theme for Peyton Royce, seems pretty fitting and close to her new theme. For Billie Kay I’m using Fabulous 1 for now but not totally satisfied with that choice. Any ideas? Video of their new entrances:
  3. How about new singles themes for Peyton Royce and Billie Kay? I would stick with the same theme for Billie (her new one is similar), except it’s stuck having the “IIconics” intro, which works against trying to be up to date with them being split.
  4. With WWE’s release of Curtis Axel, The B-Team is no more, so I’ve reverted he and Bo Dallas to their former solo gimmicks. For their themes, I gave Bo “Legend 3” (has a sort of motivational sound which fits the Bolieve gimmick) and Axel “Gold Medalist” (pretty similar style to his solo theme).
  5. If you have the Southpaw DLC, the Rock N Rollups theme works well for Hawkins & Ryder’s tag team theme. The overall style is similar and fits. Any suggestions for Cesaro?
  6. Tony Nese works for Bayley, thanks for the suggestion. How about a theme for The Model Rick Martel? Right now I am using Sexy, but both Flamboyant and Io Shirai both seem like they could fit. None of these sound at all like his actual theme, but they do all sound like runway type music. Not gonna do Tyler Breeze cause the vocals totally throw it off. No sax music in the game sadly.
  7. Any suggestions for Bayleys new theme? Im using 90s 1 right now. Has a somewhat fitting angsty sound I think. But open to suggestions.
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