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  1. I'm very curious to see how they do Grayson Waller's finisher, i'd imagine the only way to do it is as a stunned against the ropes grapple where you sling them into the middle of the ring and jump outta the ring and roll in and hit the Stunner. Although it would be very cool if you could do it as a running finisher when outside the ring and the opponent is inside and you do the roll in and hit the Stunner, but i don't see that happening.
  2. Grayson looks perfect, so glad he made the game. Praying Tony D makes the DLC.
  3. I have to assume theres gonna be an NXT DLC pack with Pretty Deadly, Tony D'Angelo, Blair Davenport, and Joe Gacy.
  4. Noam Dar making the game is puzzling, i know he was on NXT UK back when it was still a thing, but still he hasn't been on tv in years. Yet Pretty Deadly who was featured ALOT on NXT UK and have been on NXT tv for a while now and they didn't make the cut, how is that?
  5. Hopefully One Final Beat is in finally as a finisher.
  6. Damn that Gunther screenshot looks like a real life pic holy shit.
  7. Yeah he has done it from the corner alot i especially love the way Brock takes it, would love a mocap of that version.
  8. Shanky made the roster? lol didn't see that one coming.
  9. Yeah that would be great, way better than the side grapple position where he takes a few steps back and then runs and does it.
  10. Yes thats my main issue with it, he gets way too much height on it i mean look at this, looks like a double foot stomp to the back of the head Irl his left leg barely lifts off the ground when he does it yet in the game he's got both legs sprung up 10 feet in the air like a double foot stomp almost
  11. Oh really? i thought he actually did it once before, so yeah the one to Riddle is the closest i guess. And yeah moves not being assigned for some unknown reason is a thing, so could very well be that. I just hope its in the game somewhere, i'd even take a move similar to the Curb Stomp like Liv's move, be better than the same tired 2 Curb Stomp's we've had for years at this point. Ideally i'd like one where the opponent is laying on their stomach and we can manually run towards them and press the finisher button and it triggers them to get up into position for the the Stomp and we hit it with a pin combo Like this one to Ziggler at 20 seconds
  12. But man Bryan Williams is back on the team, he's the main guy that was adding those NJPW moves and moves from other promotions outside of WWE, he even talked about a moves pack in an interview recently and the dude even asked about the buckshot lariat and he kinda smiled. Bryan will for sure get us back to the moves packs with finishers from AEW and NJPW etc.
  13. I'm praying the springboard curb stomp he has in the demos is just a placeholder and he's gonna have a new Curb Stomp when its released. That would be a big surprise for me and i'd be way more motivated to use him.
  14. Damn i at least hope the Curb Stomp 3 is legit, i can't even play Rollins hardly due to those outdated bad Curb Stomps he still has. And that corner springboard curb stomp being set as his 2nd finisher is very odd, he done that once a long time ago. Seems like they're trying to pass it off as a new curb stomp and hope people don't remember it was a DLC move from 2K20? or was it added in 2K22? either way its old and in some videos they're acting like its new which is BS.
  15. NEW CURB STOMP!?? Please god let this be true, been praying for a new Curb Stomp with a pin combo for years now.
  16. Yeah i wouldn't think they'd be that stupid, they'd have to know there would be monumental backlash over that, it would make it impossible to create yourself or any other wrestler. It would pretty much kill Create a Wrestler and the main reason alot of players buy the game.
  17. Hopefully if Zack Gibson/Rip Fowler is in that means we can finally get Shankly gates/London Dungeon submission in, i don't think its ever been in a game.
  18. Exactly, they're sliders, not turn on turn off, which is a big difference maker.
  19. Awesome! So glad Zoey made it in, this roster is looking great so far, lots of NXT names i didn't think would make it in. Praying we get Tony D'Angelo and Joe Gacy.
  20. I think Bryan Williamson is trying to fix the gameplay back to what it was, he got the tired system in, he put in 27 tendency sliders to help AI play how the wrestler plays, he made sure every wrestler had payback abilities that made sense for who they was. When he plays a match i can tell he likes to simulate wrestling matches, he don't spam strikes and do combos. I say give it time and Bryan will get the game back into more simulation than arcade. He couldn't get it all rebuilt in one game, he just got back give him time and he'll slowly bring back alot of stuff missing in the gameplay. As it is now i still find it fun, i can still play a match like a wrestling match, its all about how you choose to play it, don't use the combos for guys who don't do combos, don't use the dodging and blocking. And generally when a match starts i try to lock up even though the mini game is gone, but i lock up and try and do a light grapple that looks like something you'd do at the beginning of a match locking up. But yeah i agree people need to be loud about what they find wrong with the game and keep at it and make sure they know what you don't like. We need alot of people to let Bryan and 2k know we want the mandatory combos gone, the fighting stances gone, the locking up to do grapples gone, we want the collar and elbow tie up mini game back. We want a pure simulation wrestling game.
  21. Well from one article they worded it like "Once fans see the roster reveal they'll notice some key names missing and scratch their head, but it'll make sense" something along those lines, but it pretty much told me Wyatt is gonna be DLC, and Strowman maybe even DLC, Lumis possibly even DLC, so yay a bunch of guys we had in 2K22 that we gotta pay extra for......Thats bullshit.
  22. Grayson Waller for sure, his finisher the roll into the ring from the outside into a stunner is amazing, go to around 25 seconds in
  23. Grayson Waller being in so awesome, as is Nykita Lyons, was worried we might have to get them from a DLC pack.
  24. I mean you was angry when they made the change to arcade style and wanted simulation, now they're slowly trying to go back to simulation and you're mad they're not going more arcadey? Bryan is probably trying to get the game back to simulation, probably couldn't get it done in one game but at least there's someone on there now thats trying to get it back to what it was and is a fan of that gameplay, and he's someone that listens to fans. I'd rather them little by little get the game back to simulation rather than going full on arcade, may take a while to get there but i'd like to get there at some point rather than going all in on arcade.
  25. Well one positive takeaway from the video was Bryan confirmed theres 27 different tendency sliders for the AI now, and said when you're facing like Omos for example, he wont be going to the top rope and doing things Omos doesn't do in his matches. So thats a great addition, and helps towards making it feel like you're actually facing the wrestler that you see on tv and how he wrestles. I'd love it if you can reduce how much the AI does combos, so you can go to wrestlers that don't do combos and reduce it really low.
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