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  1. Does anyone know if you can use a caw downloaded from CC for MyRise? i haven't checked that yet, since i couldn't get on the server last night.
  2. Once you get used to the controls you can have some really damn great matches with some cool sequences, the changes feel jarring at first but after playing a few hours you get used to them and it pays off. Posted this last night but here it is again for any that didn't see it, pretty cool sequence i did as Theory against Balor Easily the funnest gameplay theres been once you get used to the contr4ols, stuff starts feeling smooth, you get into some cool sequences of reversals into a finisher etc. The AI is actually kind of smart, you repeat a certain thing over and over again it picks up what you're gonna do and reverses if you don't change it up, as you see in the clip i posted Balor leaps off the top rope and instead of awkwardly walking over he immediately sprints towards me to keep the flow going.
  3. Gamevolt just uploaded this attire and says its on X Box and Playstation So yeah cross platform from X Box to Playstation creations is real. Not sure if cross platform works from old gen to the new gen, i think thats what aint a thing, only next gen consoles can share between the creations.
  4. What i heard was cross platform is only for next gen, like PS5 and X Box series X share creations, but creations from last gen consoles PS4 and X Box One don't show up to the next gen consoles.
  5. Man i love the gameplay, just had a pretty cool sequence when i was Theory facing Balor
  6. Of course most of the ingame wrestlers i wanted to do alt attires for have parts of their attire you can't recolor or certain parts are linked to another. Can't edit Ciampa's trunks, the name on the back of his trunks the color in them is linked to the front of his trunks so you can't accurately make any of the color variations he's wore of those trunks, and his 2K20 trunks are in and still have the inaccurate font on the back. Tried changing Lashley's tights to his white Rumble gear and you can't edit the gold outline of his Hurt Business logo so you can't do any alt attires for him accurately with those tights. Edge's attire is a mess, parts of the designs are missing on his kneepads and crotch logo, certain parts are linked so you change1 color it changes another designs with it., so you can't do any of his alt attires with those tights. So for anyone to accurately make any alt attires for those guys in that gear you have to recreate all the logos on them and put them on the gear and recolor them that way, which sucks.
  7. First quality caw for 2K22 has been made
  8. Yeah i'd hope for that as well, i'm not too good at creating caws, i'd rather get a high quality caw from a pro to use instead of a generic badly done one from myself. Would like to use a caw of Jay White or someone for it, would be cool.
  9. At this point can 2K just officially announce what the DLC is? its all slowly leaking out anyways, get ahead of it and just tell us already.
  10. Yeah they've been a tag team for over a year now, weird Kayden isn't with her. But at least we got 1 of them, just need a Kayden caw, shouldn't be too long before shes made.
  11. Kacy and Indi being DLC is so weird, they've been in NXT forever.
  12. Just got the game the other day and playing it for the first time, and the main thing i love about it is how much the AI plays like the wrestler they are, like if you're facing Zack Sabre jr you really feel like you're facing him because he's constantly locking you up in submissions and twisting a joint. Thats a thing that always feels missing from the 2K WWE games, sometimes most of the roster does these basic generic moves that you never see the actual wrestler irl doing, you never feel like you're really facing the actual wrestler. It took me a while to learn how to play it but i've adjusted to it now, i still can't time strikes that well though, those seems to be the most difficult thing to do for me, they seem to always miss like 70% of the time.
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