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  1. 1 hour ago, CROSS-Out said:

    And since the move is relatively slow by its very nature, they also have to be stunned while that close because otherwise they have enough time and lack of space to interrupt you.

    Yep happened twice to me both times i managed to actually trigger it, it got reversed/interrupted. I had to hit it like 3 different times before i actually got it to connect without it getting interrupted. This needs to be patched, cause its a legit chore trying to hit Joe Gacy's finisher. 

    I guess i'm gonna just have to use his Full Nelson Bomb/Rings Of Saturn finisher until this gets fixed.

  2. 23 minutes ago, CROSS-Out said:

    I've mentioned this before and I've brought it up here, on reddit, and in a report to 2K, but the problem is that running springboard vs standing opponents requires the opponent to be ridiculously close to the rope you want to use the move on for the prompt to appear. They have to be practically within the last third of the ring area for it be usable, even when the move you're attempting has far more range than that. It's why it's hard to use that move (and looks awful when you do, because with how close they are Gacy practically has to make a 90 degree turn after the handstand to hit the lariat). Look at how close they are in CAM when you preview them as finishers and that's more or less the distance the opponent has to be at max for the prompt to appear.

    Personally I believe we should always be able to go for the finisher if we have a finisher save and are running at the ropes, regardless of their distance. if we miss, we miss; but at least then it's usable.

    I use the Cody Cutter as a finisher right now and set up feels very inorganic because of this issue as well.

    Yeah i've realized that now after doing a 20 minute match trying to hit that damn springboard lariat over and over again, opponent has gotta be ridiculously close to the ropes for it to work which makes the move always look awful and awkward and can never be hit smoothly.

    And yeah Gacy's finisher looks especially awful because of how much space the move needs for it to be hit clean, its literally meant to hit  it with the opponent in the center of the ring, and you gotta hit it with the opponent literally pressed up against your back.

  3. Man AEW Fight Forever has a better Curb Stomp than WWE games have ever gave Seth

    I hate the Curb Stomps we got in the 2K games, it just has no impact to it, and Seth jumps way too high. Its literally perfect in AEW Fight Forever, Britt doesn't jump cartoonishly high, just a simple run and quick stomp with impact.

  4. 7 hours ago, Oscar22 said:

    For me above all else, it does the one thing 2k don’t, it makes me want to switch it on and just play some matches. It has that ‘just one more…’ feel to it. 

    On the odd occasion every few weeks, I’ll switch 2k23 on, I’ll create an arena or two, maybe some attires, then I just switch it on again. The gameplay has regressed to something so dull, soulless and samey that I’m not interested in playing a match that turns out pretty much the same regardless who you use in it. 

    The AEW game is going to have a fair few downsides, the creation suite is tiny… but I actually want to PLAY it. 

    Yeah i totally get what you mean, the matches in 2K23 all feel more or less the same and as you said kind of soulless, there looks to be more life in the AEW gameplay, looks way more fun and fluid. And each character feels unique that you play with like Darby using the skateboard, Orange Cassidy wrestling with his hands in his pockets. So every match will feel a little different depending on who you use.

    But we'll see how the lack of creation suit features and lack of CC hinders the AEW game, will the core gameplay be enough to keep you playing the game? Cause the creation suit and CC is what motivates me to keep using 2K23 cause its so top notch with such great caws and keeps the game updated and fresh.

    If we can get a wrestling game with the quality of caws and creation suit as 2K23 mixed with the gameplay and wrestling like AEW Fight Forever we could have the perfect wrestling game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  5. 2 hours ago, CROSS-Out said:

    Just the bitter end with extra steps.

    Unnecessary steps, i don't get the pump handle set up part of it, seems really unnecessary, i mean why not just lift them up like a normal powerslam and then go into the move? why go through the more complicated time consuming set up like a pump handle?

  6. IS rivalry cutscenes messed up for anyone else? everytime ones supposed to happen it just freezes and brings up the exit to menu or skip to next match prompts. Then the commentary keep's going as if the cutscene is playing out., even keeps going when you go the menu.

  7. 44 minutes ago, CROSS-Out said:

    I kind of doubt it. You'd need someone crazy enough to mocap it. I suspect it's the same reason we haven't gotten the hidden blade yet.

    I would think if The Curb Stomp is safe to mocap, then a knee to the back of the head could be safely done. 

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