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  • Birthday 10/17/1988

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    Genre? Post-hardcore probably. Band? Blind Melon.
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    Libra, I think.
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    Amateur comedian.
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    XBox 360, SNES, N64.
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    I'm white. My relatives are from England and Wales.
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    The Boondocks, probably.

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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Comedy, wrestling obviously, video games, reading, writing, music, food, sleep. Yep.
  1. Nitro's a better wrestler, but I've known of and watched Hardy for a much longer time, so I have a sentimental spot for him. I'm starting to come around on Nitro though, so both. Hardy is more entertaining in my opinion, but Nitro's done some pretty crazy shit as well, and their matches against each other have been quite good, even if they were booked three weeks in a row. That's no fault of theirs though, they put on good matches.
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