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  1. Has anyone gotten the associates images to download along with a created championship?
  2. It appears that downloading belts does not download the custom image(s) associated with them. Smh
  3. For inference sake, crowd reactions have been bugged since 2k17. I reported it in 2k18, and it was fixed in a patch. The next patch broke it again. I wouldn't be shocked if this turnbuckle nonsense stayed a glitch in these games for years to come. (Truthfully, I have not personally experienced what you mentioned) I haven't tried the new patch, but trying to edit crowd balance in 2k20 does nothing. Everyone keeps their default crowd reactions. Last I checked, also, this feature is missing in Universe altogether.
  4. You think that's a glitch? *evil laugh ala the evil green ranger*
  5. Technically, you CAN buy dog shit. https://www.amazon.com/Nicky-Bigs-Novelties-Doggie-Realistic/dp/B07K7S5WVF/ref=asc_df_B07K7S5WVF/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241913971097&hvpos=1o1&hvnetw=g&hvrand=3758020646019289839&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9021646&hvtargid=pla-645834804361&psc=1
  6. At this point, I've considered this game a complete and total loss. I foolishly bought holding out hope that the coming patches would fix it, but they've made the game worse. Unless there's significant signs of big changes AHEAD of next year's game, I'm not buying it. This game officially burned my trust in WWE 2K as a fan. Very disappointing after 2K19 was so great, in my opinion.
  7. I'm not sure who this guy is, but apparently, this guy is/was a dev on the WWE games, and has been putting out videos talking about his past experience and the nightmare that is WWE 2K20. In this video, he explains that devs have quit in double digit numbers, WWE 2K20 is selling poorly and doing poorly all across the board and that means the budget will be slashed for next year's game with a much smaller team. Basically, 2K21 is going to suck from how it's looking. 2K are basically distancing themselves from the game, he mentioned. No one "wants this stink on them". This guy went so far as to endorse Fire Pro Wrestling World, which is a great game, and I agree with that. The recent DLCs have been good/great. He basically advised us not to pre-order 2K21.
  8. With Fire Pro's recent DLC, all my video game time has been going to that. As simple as it is, it's very addicting to me.
  9. That glitch of where you lost control of 8 man tag team elimination matches is back. I was trying very hard to be subjective about this game, and good gameplay aside, this game is a mess. There's no way 2k can possibly patch all of these bugs.
  10. 1.02 appeared to introduce a glitch where the AI gets pinned easily. I had a match end in 15 seconds after a reversal. Then it happened again when the AI's health bar was still on yellow.
  11. Changes to divisions in Universe don't save
  12. I'm trying to pit two CAWs against each other, and it never finishes loading.
  13. Resiliency almost never works. AI doesn't go for their comebacks, from what I've seen so far.
  14. ..............Is the main menu suddenly laggy for anyone else after installing the DLC?
  15. What exactly does one need to do to unlock the Fiend? edit: Nevermind
  16. I had a feeling this was going to happen. Hopefully this isn't something widespread.
  17. This is my view. There is A LOT that's right with the 2k series, and this game is no different. But the wrongs outweigh the rights.
  18. Considering the fact that there's 190 wrestlers in the game, I highly doubt this was a budget issue. This is probably another effect of Yukes of leaving. I want to say in all honesty: Yukes *censored*ed us over. Badly. The game being such a mess is stemming from Yukes' departure. And to think people wanted Yukes gone. Well, they got their wish. At it's core, it's a good game and I'm enjoying what I'm playing. I've been playing it a lot, but I also haven't gotten the crazier glitches that I'm seeing elsewhere.
  19. Yeah, seems like The Fiend is the only actual wrestler we're getting this year. Honestly, this is the type of shit that THQ would've pulled in their dying days.
  20. There's a glitch with downloading arenas. When you go the use them, the turnbuckles are set to default, some bright white light is shining off the outside padding, which is also white. And the ring aprons are white. So at this moment, unless you go edit downloaded arenas, that's a broken feature.
  21. I noticed it's missing in Universe mode. Also, it seems that attempting to download any CAWs that contain any locked or DLC parts, you will get a message that you haven't unlocked or purchased those characters they're from even though you have.
  22. I may in the minority, but I really don't find the lack of hair physics all that bothersome. In fact, I'm more focused on playing the match than I am hair physics. Now clipping.....that can be bothersome. I had some clipping in 2k19 that looked like Kevin Owens was busting through his attire.
  23. "Crowd Balance" is missing from edit superstar option in Universe.
  24. I'll ask this here, too, because I'm really interested in the answers: Those of you getting A LOT of glitches (I mean the really bad ones): Are on PS4 Pro? I saw someone bring up something last night (on Facebook) but I'm not really sure it's all that accurate. Basically, someone said they noticed that the people getting the worst glitches were, a majority, on PS4 Pro. Not sure how accurate that is. Personally, I'm on an original fat PS4 and I've yet to experience the *worst* glitches being reported elsewhere.
  25. What edition did you get? The back of my box has a picture of John Cena in place of that NXT UK blurb. I got the Deluxe Edition. (American)
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