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  1. Damn near a decade, maybe. It was fixed upon 2K23's initial early release. Then the very first post-release patch broke it. Then this new patch, THANKFULLY, fixed it.
  2. YES!!! 1.08 fixed the glitch in tag matches where corner 1 always got cheered and corner 2 always got booed. Now, everyone gets the correct reaction on tag matches. Thank goodness!
  3. I'm not Bad Bunny's fan or anything, but I've come to see he's legit one of the biggest artists out right now. I was at WrestleMania and just his appearance and involvement got one of the biggest reactions of the night. No exaggerating. I was surprised. He seems to be extremely popular among Spanish speaking populations. Punk's initial return got a bump, somewhat. But other than that? Not much happened. I was at the First Dance and I turned to my GF and said "I give this shit a year and he's gone." Low and behold.
  4. I don't believe he was ever the draw people made him out to be, but that's up for debate. Some think he is, there's some stuff to prove he's not the star his fans made him out to be. But again, that's up for debate. It seems that AEW largely did the same business when Punk came in, that they did prior to him coming in. For instance, PPVs usually sold out, but the average Dynamite was only half full most weeks, same as they did. Including the editions he was advertised for. The last Dynamite he was at was only half full, All Out weekend 2022. His entire AEW run was a disappointment, IMO. I mean...like.....AEW had what was supposed to be "one of the biggest stars" from the 2009-2013 era WWE and they STILL couldn't crack a 1.5 in ratings. The closest they ever got was the debut episode in 2019, as far as I know. People thought Punk would overshadow Danielson, however in my opinion, Danielson was a FAR bigger deal over time for AEW than Punk ever was.
  5. I've always felt the dude is massively overrated. There's more I want to say but I will leave it at that.
  6. I increased the length of time stuns take until recovery, and knock opponents off the ring apron at times. So far, I haven't had a 2v2 tag match go over 12-15 minutes, a good number of times it was less. I did this maybe 4 days after early release.
  7. This is correct. As a coder, I give you all a meme explaining the life of a coder.
  8. I'll just switch gears in this topic. Here's a small detail that I like in the gameplay: Sometimes if you use resiliency to kick out (seems like the really close 2.99999 pin attempts), the crowd reaction is a much bigger cheer than other pin attempts when it happens. So far, my 2v2 tag matches haven't been terrible. I usually get them over with in about 8-12 minutes.
  9. Seems like the 1.04 patch MAYBE fixed the issue with the Rivalry actions list being empty. I was just able to get the list to populate with choices, however it happened randomly before so this may be dumb luck.
  10. I had quoted his post yesterday but deleted my comment just to avoid drama. Calling this anything CLOSE to 2K20 is super exaggeratory.
  11. Well then, I stand corrected. However, the part about WWE not wanting fans editing likenesses stands. That's the reason we largely haven't been able to (as far as faces go at least) for decades now. (Without cheats/mods, at least)
  12. WWE does NOT want fans editing superstar likenesses, and people need to understand that this has nothing to do with 2K themselves when this inevitably gets patched. WWE have never been supportive of a such a feature. This was evident when WWF Backlash for the N64 (cancelled game) was NOT going to feature the ability to edit default wrestlers. Also notice in most games, ever since No Mercy, you can't edit default stars likenesses.
  13. Has anyone else experienced rivalry actions turning championship matches into non-title matches? I've gotten this on weekly shows (the major show like RAW and Smackdown)
  14. I like how it's harder to get a higher match rating now. It was way too easy previously to get 4 and 5 stars.
  15. Patch 1.03 once again broke crowd reactions in tag matches. Team 1 gets cheered no matter the roster setting. Team 2 gets booed no matter the roster setting.
  16. GOD DAMMIT! This patch broke crowd reactions in tag matches again. Team 1 gets cheered regardless of the roster settings. Team 2 gets booed regardless of roster settings. This has been an issue for several games. It was fine in 2K23 before the match. Now, it's back to being messed up. Anywhere to report bugs? I was loving the game up until this. *Censored*!
  17. Came here to report the same thing. Hopefully this fixes more than it breaks.....
  18. I'm almost certain it'll patched at some point.
  19. I'm confused. Aren't you able to set them as alternate attires? Wouldn't they have the same entrance. Or are these attires you speak of actual CAWs?
  20. I have to say that I like the new pin system honestly. I look at it like this: kicking out of finishers (which I’ve been able to do) shouldn’t happen often and this does a good job at making a finisher feel like a finisher. It feels like an accomplishment when I kick out of a finisher with this new system. I also will say there is no one system that will ever be able to satisfy the majority.
  21. Has anyone else been getting a black screen during gameplay? I've had it happen twice and the entire screen goes black. The pictures back after about 5 seconds, but this is concerning because I don't know if this is a problem with the game, my PS5 or my TV.
  22. I've had t he AI kick out of finishers with the new pin system. However, it's FAR less frequent than it happened in 2K22, which is a great thing.
  23. From my playing, I'm loving the gameplay of 2K23 more than any other 2K WWE game and I'm not even someone that hypes new things like that, but this is already leaving a more positive impression with me than even 2K19.
  24. My most hated glitch from the past few games is corrected: Teams get the right crowd reaction during the match.
  25. After two matches: Wow, the gameplay is most definitely way better this year.
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