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  1. Agreed. Universe doesn't "NEED" them like some people are saying. It was just a plus, but didn't do much in and personally, I started skipping promos altogether.
  2. Sounds like Yukes have been a giant pain to deal with during development. Considering this game is already WAY overbudget, I wouldn't expect another AEW game for a while. They could end up needing a new developer after this game comes out. I just hope the game has good post-launch support. There's slated to be around 50 stars available at launch, with no word on post-launch content. There's about 110 people on the AEW roster at the moment. So A LOT of key people will be missing from this game.
  3. From what I gather, it seems from looking at the Steam database, there's a patch currently in QA, which has been there since maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe there's issues with the patch?
  4. Does the tag finisher prompt not work for anyone else? My guy has a finisher, the team has a tag finisher assigned, however, I just get the regular double team move prompt (X).
  5. I noticed that when breaking out of a carry, the AI doesn't automatically break it just before you complete the mini game anymore, and let's you reverse/break out of it.
  6. I just played a tag match in the new update. I'm happy to say it felt and flowed A LOT better, and was much more enjoyable. Major props to 2K on today's update overall.
  7. 99% certain that wasn't intentional. Hopefully the next patch fixes this.
  8. What's the search tags? I can't find anything "thejock".
  9. I was just about to say this very same thing. It works great for Paige!
  10. WCW Mayhem? WCW Backstage Assault? The price gouging for Madden every year with minimal work being done?
  11. Doing this tournament. Backstory: AJ Styles beat King Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship. However, Styles then won the WWE Championship in an Elimination Chamber match, last beating Brock Lesnar, the former champion. So, "AJ vacated the Intercontinental belt" (I just vacated it myself) and now here's this tournament happening, with Nakamura being the first seed.
  12. The AI covers me frequently, to be honest. Particularly after finishers and signatures. I've seen it use pin combos, but I haven't paid total attention to that.
  13. In simming two matches and playing a match, the issue where the AI would too frequently go onto the ring apron or obsessively do top rope moves is fixed, from how it seems to me.
  14. Spike is also located in Japan. Fire Pro Wrestling World is a Japanese wrestling video game. I'm positive that played a role, also because they licensed NJPW and Stardom wrestlers for the game.
  15. I had it come up last night with the text saying "Dummy Text". I got it again this normal and it displayed as normal. Thankfully, my data was in tact each time.
  16. From my memory, this move was glitched in multiple iterations of the series.
  17. Just figured I would share this. This came from a Reddit user. Seems like the number of custom logos to stay under is 280
  18. Has anyone else run into an Universe mode issue where once certain wrestlers are finished with one rivalry, they are not selectable for any further new rivalries? For example, Brock Lesnar and Batista finished their rivalry. Now, they don't even show up in the character select when putting together another rivalry. The same is true for my feud between RKBRO vs Miz/Morrison, among others. 60% of my RAW roster are not selectable for new feuds.
  19. The Outsiders’ theme (“Crazed”) works great for her, too.
  20. It’s hashtag style. Everything you search is all just one word.
  21. It's not Mania specific as I did that entrance in the Smackdown arena.
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