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  1. So I overwrite a download for an alt attire of Dolph ziggler with a scott steiner. Now when I use Dolph I get scott steiner as Dolph. I also re download the Dolph I had and somehow steiner still comes out. Help plz Can close. I figured it out
  2. nyjets

    Face texture help

    Anyone got these? Thx
  3. nyjets

    Face texture help

    If possible looking for wcw steiner with nwo. Thx
  4. Anyone got a jake roberts face/scott steiner face/Greg valentine face u could upload for me. Thx in advance if any can help..
  5. nyjets

    Scott Hall

    Great work on hall. I agree the caw mode is a mess with color blending but still would love to see more caws from you. There is not much talent on the xbox one side. Steiner would be appreciated if u do try another. Awesome work again. Thx
  6. What is the best size to upload a texture face to get best results? Thx
  7. I'm not the greatest but I can tell u it is tough with the limited options. And the textures must be perfect to blend properly. I uploaded my goldberg on xbox live if any wish to check out or even improve him also.
  8. Anyone got goldberg tattoo texture. Thx
  9. Someone just uploaded a decent face on cc. Thx. Working on him now. The blending part is really tough when using these faces tho.
  10. Nobody got one I can use?
  11. Anyone got any good golberg face textures can help me out with. Thx in advance
  12. nyjets

    Got the game!

    Anything good like Goldberg etc on downloads yet in cc. Thx. Waiting for mine to install
  13. You all lie. You will be playing this like the rest of us. Year one madden stunk on current gen. Then got better 2 installments later. Give it a year or two.
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