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The Next

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    Generation Next
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    rock, hard rock, acoustic, emo, punk, metal, nu-metal, hardcore, rap...I'm not picky.
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    Sandwich Artist® at Subway
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    WWE, TNA, RoH, CZW, etc.
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    chicken...don't care how it's prepared.
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    Puerto Rican, Russian, Slovak, Italian, French, and Native American
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    Dexter, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad
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    pfft....cool people make their own.
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    Bridgeport, CT
  1. nope, not yet, I'm starting driving school in about a month. I'm already a great driver, I'm just not legal yet I've already got experience and a car, all I need now is the license, I've had my permit since...last year, I'll be turning 17 on...wow...saturday
  2. warned and suspended, thanks
  3. Kenny from the spirit squad - Diving Leg Drop or the RKO for his OVW finisher Johnny from the spirit squad - Step Up Enzuguiri for the Johnny-Go-Round Christopher Daniels "Fallen Angel" - Edgecution for the Angel's Wings Alex Shelley - there's a variety, Backcracker for his Lung Blower, Swinging Neckbreaker/Complete Shot/Cool Shot for the Shellshock, the Ninja for his Shiranui, the Crossface for his Border City Stretch... Shannon Moore - Whisper in the Wind for his Halo and the Over Castle for the Moorgasm
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