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  1. Thanks bro, I got a ton more to post.
  2. I posted earlier this year with a couple CAWs and then kind of forgot about it. I wasn't going to post again since the activity here seems pretty low, but I made all these damn things and feel like I want to show them to someone other than myself, so hopefully a few people who are still around get some enjoyment outta these guys and gals. The Crowned Punk Aaron Mason Akira Alexia Knight Amir Amaya Ball Andre Pride Arik Key Awesome Ace Blade Chris Chase The President of IPW The Icon Clark Williams Dixon Kennedy Draven Silva Dynamite Davis En?gma The Chosen Generation Adam Mercer The Savage Ian Sullivan Jackson "The" Mann Jamal Jordan The Heartbreaker Kevin Valentine Lauren Black Kyle Cassidy Jay Cruz
  3. Glad you found a way to link pics, these are awesome.
  4. Great work so far! That catchin Zs shirt is top notch.
  5. Very nice work so far!
  6. With regards to to his decision to stop at 2K19, he made the decision for the sake of his CAW show, XWA. Having to remake 100 characters yearly is a tedious task, especially when you're doing so for the sake of actually producing cinematic content...which is a chore on it's own. So as far as that goes, it just makes sense really. Regarding myself, I don't plan on doing the same. I'll get the next version of each game until I decide I'm done as a creator completely. As far as him no longer posting content here...well, that's a bit more nuanced. You see, my brother and I have been making CAWS since 1999, and actively part of the CAWS.ws original CAW community since 2004. We've been here a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long time. We've watched this forum go from the defacto destination for all things CAW related, where we could share our content and get hundreds of thousands of eyes on it to now, where my thread from 2K19 reached 46,240 views as of this post. The fact of the matter is...there's just no one here. Not like it used to be. 10 years ago when the new game rolls out there'd be thousands of people here, and at least 3 pages of showcases. As of me typing this there's only 15 showcases on the PS4 section of originals, 2 members and 2 guests. To say that's a staggering decline is an understatement. I still post here because I'm not as active on social media as my brother. I avoid it actually, for my own reasons. But at the end of the day, you create content because you want eyes on that content. There are no eyes here anymore. Not like there used to be. Times have changed, and a lot of folk have moved on from here. Originals were always niche. You're more likely to get a lot of attention as a creator of real life wrestlers then you are originals. But the original CAW community here seems to be on a rapid and drastic decline...so much that my brother decided it's time to turn his focus towards a platform where he does have a larger audience. Man you really hit the nail on the head, Ive been posting caws here since 2007 and Ive taken an occasional year off here and there from 2012 onward but I have never seen a community die as fast as the SvR/2K community has. There used to be tons of topics on both the ps and Xbox boards now theres a handful over here and only 3/4 original showcases on the Xbox side. Its sad to see, from the online clans to online e-feds to tournaments and now its a shell of what it once was. I dont really understand it as I feel the gameplay has actually gotten more realistic and the creation suite has only improved (although the omission of the ability to create logos in game and carry over CAWS from previous years is sorely missed) I guess the arcade style of the SvR series was favored to the simulation style we have now. Sad to see for sure.
  7. Looks good from what can be seen. Just a tip, try to get a front face shot, full front attire shot, full side attire shot and full back shot to help everyone see your creations better. Great start though!
  8. Imgur works pretty well, give that a shot.
  9. Thanks man, I still miss the paint tool from back in the day. CDub and En?gma should be completed by tomorrow and Dynamite Davis preview will be up as well.
  10. Thanks man, you can get a better look now with the full previews up
  11. After taking last year off, I got the itch for some CAWing this year and decided to dive back in. First 2 previews up, still need to complete movesets and entrances before uploading to CC. Clark Williams - Style : Technical/Grappler Ht : 6'4 Wt : 255 Debut : WM2000 En?gma - Style : Stalker/Striker Ht : 6'7 Wt: 241 Debut : WWE 2K14 Dynamite Davis - Style : Showman/Striker Ht : 6/1 Wt 245 Debut : WWE 2K16
  12. How does Drengur ever get people to step into the ring with him? I see a matchup with him and Im hightailing it out of the arena. Keep up the good work WLJ!
  13. Great work as always Oz, Mercer looks fantastic this year.
  14. S.I.G.

    Butcher Block

    Wow only one topic on the Xbox side these days huh? This place has really died down. At least the one original CAW topic over here had a very nice start to it. Im really digging the butcher, lookin forward to more of your work.
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