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  1. No i spent 3 hours fixing bugs like that only one that does is brian cage which needs the 20th anniversary edition. The rest do not. Has anyone dled all logos good?
  2. Jordan Devlin and Lax uploaded pics 1st post 29/03/2020; Jordan Devlin by me Lax by me/ ortiz with executioner X PS4 Tags: BHANGRA22MAN ORTIZ SANTANTA
  3. Thanks everyone much appreciated. I hear ryee is uploading morrision and lio rush soon but he has no plans on jordan devlin and jeff cobb or LAX. Therefore likely my focus on these @Jeb ★get movesets going hehe on jericho born2box hopefully be uploading his soon
  4. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page uploaded pics 1st post/ page 13/03/2020; Kenny by me/ Omega/Wolfie Hangman by me/ executioner X PS4 Tags: BHANGRA22MAN KENNY OMEGA HANGMAN PAGE
  5. Shawn Michaels is up on alternate account tanu22man ..and one or two more on third alternate account bman22man
  6. 24/02/2020 Damien Priest with tats help with joemashups uploaded / walter with pacs help uploaded. Updated pics 1st post TAGS: BHANGRA22MAN DAMIEN PRIEST WALTER
  7. Yes new builds are perfect patch isnt for fixing bugged caws
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