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  1. Well i dont know i got 5 in mind then likely stopping for 2k20 in general but will do the odd request via DMs after that.. dustin/ new damien priest with iconic/ Bronson reed with ryee/ fiend.. angel garza with iconic/ updated austin theory perhaps one more then only requests the odd one.. After that i may or may not be back for 2k22 but i hope a new good game is out way before @MR.Jyour booker and jman jlb i will make in between my 5 but only upload for limited time ie one day but not for everyone too long..dm me for requests but not too many once i done the 5.
  2. @MR.J dustin and Darby are on list i may also make that lance guy ..i also got others in mind..lets see..booker T yes within the month for you ..maybe machoman as well..austin theory is updated on my game ..i also got a new brian cage
  3. Hey man, I'm trying to make a version of Hollywood Hogan in his black and white tie dye but I can't get an image anywhere. Would you mind sending me the picture you used for Hogan's red and yellow tie dye on 2k19 and I'll just greyscale it and use it if you dont mind. It won't be going online I'm just trying to make it for my WCW universe. Thanks dude

  4. I think it was one of his old ones where face textures didnt work but i hope you remake it wizard
  5. @MR.Ji know things may not change but if there are other legends which i have not done in a collab before and you may want it i may consider as steiner my end be out for same reasons as regal. I likely do wcw machoman at some point maybe. Re jeff cobb was on Aew for 2 weeks before lockdown and burch is orney logans tag partner they made RAW debut last week.
  6. Thanks for comments and @MR.Jwell before game i promised a few caws i wont make regal as one or two of my collab partners didnt want them on this game..regal was a conversion of Wolfies..anyway Nation Hb got a solid one..wizard-of-thay2 deleted this..booker T yes will attempt ..rvd plus mox was another i said i wont..on y2j i can do but honestly if born2box on Twitter ever uploads his that be great..if he dont will attempt..lio rush is planned but ryee said he was planning one so waiting..on cody new tatoo..redid hair dye hair..tweaked figures ..added his latest attires..and do check out jeff cobb plus burch.. @J-man89 well thanks..i guess i be making for 2k20 for a while if 2k19 servers get extended i may alternate between the two..i got two alternate accounts..lets see..
  7. Yes J-man points noted on Theory will update..Regal as I wont upset Wolfie use Wizard of Thays quiet good and SquidMaster I likely will have to make a new one at some point My next caws pretty fluid but theory will be included For now Cody Rhodes v2 uploaded with Danny Burch and Jeff Cobb 13/04/2020 - pics 1st post Tags: BHANGRA22MAN CODY RHODES DANNY BURCH RYEEDEE
  8. @MR.Jok i will likely do Booker T on my alternate account maybe a few WCW wrestlers from month end plus more TNA people. I also alternate between 2k19 and 2k20. There are aspects i really enjoy in 2k20 when its working nicely. I barely have a crash but then again i do regular matches or at most 2 on 3. I like the gameplsy in 2k20 and 2 of the DLCS. @J-man89 yes he is in my next batch. First up by tomorrow night i will upload Danny burch/ updated Cody Rhodes and Cobb
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