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  1. Hey man, I'm trying to make a version of Hollywood Hogan in his black and white tie dye but I can't get an image anywhere. Would you mind sending me the picture you used for Hogan's red and yellow tie dye on 2k19 and I'll just greyscale it and use it if you dont mind. It won't be going online I'm just trying to make it for my WCW universe. Thanks dude

  2. Its likely angle too much shine in caw mode
  3. For logos missing best work around is edit an image which creates a second one that way then apply that. If it dont allow you to edit its likely glitched. Does work fast
  4. I was liking the new patch until i discover all new logos and face photos post patch become blank for anyone that uses them
  5. Well seems to be more for superstar threads i upload logo for my caw today and it added but one or two didnt. Just random for caws Ok caws largely fine with logos after patch and replacing glotched logos with new ones still works Edit You cant make new caws even now
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