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Status Updates posted by ????????

  1. Nothing Really looking for someone

    to make me an avatar

    But they only do wrestling

  2. hmm

    Not Being pushy or anything

    But when your done sent to me in a private message k

    Thanks <3

  3. Im Barely on the Computer now a days

    and i got a new computer

    and i havent figure out a way to work it

    Besides i was just on last night and you werent there

  4. hmmmm Maybe you get the pics

    I cant decide!

  5. About Miley cyrus?

    If so i will sent you the pics

  6. Nothign really you

    Hey Can i request a sig?

  7. Ohh I see

    I just wanted to let you know<3

  8. Hmmm Dark Teryo law is out there

    I Faced Him online

    and i most likely know your online name is not Ballin18

  9. lalalalalallalalala


  10. Hmm Yea Its


  11. No But Really You Are

    Both Funny and Creative

    Just like Teryo Law

  12. It Was greaT

    Thanks for asking

  13. ..........

    Your Funny

  14. Simple

    I Hate Ashley M.

    You Happen To like Ashley M.

    So there Figure it out :)

  15. Awww

    I have school in 2 weeks and it sucks

    Bleh! Im gonna miss you :)

  16. Hi!

    Nothing Really


  17. Happy 2 days late B-Day!

  18. oh yea Thats Exactly It

  19. Hey Rapist!

    lmao Whats up?

  20. Heyyy

    I miss you and we havent talk in like 3214235

    years :)

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