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  1. Was going to do a couple more attires for this, but I finished this a while back and haven't been able to get the motivation to do more. So I think this is my last CAW! Uploaded an all WWE slot, with this as the alternative attire:
  2. Uploaded, Tags: Redrandom, Hardys, Matt Hardy, TNA EDIT: Not 100% sure if it's uploaded or not, seems there is some network error issue.
  3. I'm not doing anymore Jeff attires, really bored with that CAW, sorry. Yup they have movesets/entrances. Added an update preview in 1st post. Will probably ending up releasing these attires as 1 slot soon, then do some more attires at a later date possibly, since I'm a bit bored with the game at the moment.
  4. I probably would have created that attire if people hadn't asked for this one, would have been hell of a lot less work with textures. Some more tweaking:
  5. I'll give that attire a shot. Had to restart this though, since the skin colour was so saturated and uneven, here's how it looks now:
  6. Great, glad people like the direction it's going in. Not really sure yet, I won't be doing 3 slots though.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments, hope people enjoy using it! Sorry to disappoint, but I can't see myself doing anymore attires, very bored with looking at that CAW now, haha. That was more of a bonus slot anyway, since I had made the face paint a while back, so the effort was minimal.
  8. Since i'd already created the face paint, going to throw this attire onto a 3rd slot in place of the other face paint attire on the 09 slot. I doubt that, I don't even watch TNA to be honest.
  9. Yeah I did think about doing that, but opted for this choice out of personal preference, it's nice having the 3D wrist/hand area, and I don't personally like how visible the lines on Ambrose shirt are. Overall I just think this way is tidier, which is generally my personal preference with CAWs, sometimes at the cost of accuracy. That being said, I might just create another version using this method and let people choose. To the question about Matt, I'm tempted, but haven't really decided yet. EDIT: How's that? Actually think I prefer this..
  10. Yeah the 2nd attire is just a generic vest/no face paint combo. Previewed in 1st post. Absolutely, need to fix the hair on these attires, but it's mostly done.
  11. Excellent, glad this one is preferred, since I deleted the old one! Here's an updated preview of the first attire on the "current" slot.
  12. Had a bit of time to do some more creating, though I've only been modifying old CAWs rather than creating new. Any better? Changed the template in an attempt to get a better head shape and I've also modified the detailing on the texture. Thanks for the refs! I'm giving that attire a shot. Can't see myself doing DDP, though I agree with you about the hair, his burns are strangely over-saturated.
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