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  1. Loving these alt. attires. I would love to see a Tugboat alt. ;-)
  2. Awesome Aliyah. Definitely need that. Any chance of Liv Morgan, Mandy Rose or Mickie James?
  3. So, that's how it's done huh. Nice. Although, I already downloaded Status's Flair.
  4. The only time it works for me, is inside the moveset preview in create a moveset. I'll have to take WVIP's advice and just use Spear 1.
  5. That's a great suggestion, I forgot all about that. I'll have to check, thanks.
  6. Played another match with Goldberg today, this time against Braun Stroman. Same thing, the spear doesn't connect at all. I'm starting to wonder why. It might because of doing it against Super Heavyweights. I'll try someone smaller, and see if it works against them.
  7. Yeah, haven't tried it again. But four out of four times it happened. I'm on the Xbox One, by the way.
  8. Is it just me, or is Goldberg's new Spear 7 from the corner glitched? I tried four different times in one match against Kevin Nash, and it wouldn't connect, with Goldberg just falling down lol. Needless to say, this needs patched immediately.
  9. More than CM Punk could do. Hahaha nice, my thoughts exactly.
  10. You've gone messed it up now, so I'll fix it lol. Triple H - Occasional matches with the top stars. Dana Brooke - Mid carder for Raw Women's Division. Big Show...
  11. With the new update for Xbox One, announced today for this summer, there's no reason why we can't have custom themes on that system.
  12. http://www.sescoops.com/wwe-2k17-roster-reveal-scheduled-for-e3/ Credit to the source.
  13. http://www.sescoops.com/wwe-2k17-roster-reveal-scheduled-for-e3/ Thought you'd want to see this.
  14. And this is why they should be having loyal fans test playing this game before release, instead of people who know nothing about the games history.
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