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  1. DLC is now available on the UK PS Store!
  2. 1 hour till it drops for me here in The Rock of Gibraltar using the UK PS Store
  3. i do it on XB1. The price showed up....but when i clicked it...it said install instead of the price Mine says the price..
  4. Does it work for UK? As in if I were to make a new PSN account and add New Zealand as my country? I have done that but the price shows up.
  5. like i said already i suspect more late feb around the 21rst but some says more next week around feb 14 I hope it's this Tuesday. Same here. Need the Freebirds & Von Erichs
  6. I do the same with Smash & Repo Man.
  7. He is on the DLC with his WCCW look so no.
  8. Marking out at the inclusion of Badstreet USA!!
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