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  1. Thanks all. Bundy is on the list, but it's hard to get the big guys right due to the limited body morphing options.
  2. Cheers. Kerry's hair isn't necessarily final, still working on what looks best in-ring. Hercules has been uploaded, Muraco still needs a couple of tweaks.
  3. Nah, just rumours. Nothing in it. Interesting, care to elaborate? Can't really do much with this kind of feedback.
  4. Hogan and Duggan have been uploaded
  5. Thanks, but he's the one I am struggling with the most to be honest. I think I need to re-start the face morph with a different template, I just can't seem to get his features right. In profile he looks good, but face on he's a bit too generic looking.
  6. First post updated with some WIPs.
  7. Martel is definitely on the cards, just need to sort out a decent face texture.
  8. Possibly, but not any time soon.
  9. All CAWS will be uploaded with the following tags: WLF jdbchurch JYD - Uploaded Greg Valentine - Uploaded Paul Orndorff - WIP Sid Vicious - WIP Kerry Von Erich - WIP Don Muraco - WIP Hercules - Uploaded Tito Santana - WIP Rick Martel - WIP Hulk Hogan - Uploaded Jim Duggan - Uploaded Demolition -Uploaded Brutus Beefcake - Uploaded
  10. I come to caws.ws to post previews in the PS3 section. I read the General Chat section for the humour. The thing is if someone created a thread here and posted a bunch of caws that weren't theirs they would be slammed by the community and then banned, probably. But when someone posts a thread about how annoying caw "thievery" is, the majority response is "quit complaining" or "get over it". I suspect most people giving these responses are not creators themselves...
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