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  1. Yeah. Didnt even think about it being all pretty much scale based. Definitely miss the old style
  2. Is anyone else having problems saving group images they made? When I do it they just disappear from the slots like I never even made it
  3. It's been ages since I've gotten on this website I just wanna know since it was such a great thing on here, does anyone ever do caw formulas on here anymore? Like for face and body morphing and I guess clothing? I used to love doing it myself and since theres only a limited amount of logo slots for creations. I would like to make my own designs for from in game logos without having to download everything
  4. So in 2k22 the whole creation mode as a whole does suck, with there being logo slots that will be taken up just by caws I have no room for arenas championships etc. The story mode/my rise is kind lackluster being that each rivalry lasts 2 or 3 weeks when big ones should be maybe 2 to 3 ppvs worth. Heres what I do love about 2k22 and also 19 being my favorite 2k game so far. The hair physics are good, could be better. Universe mode but its always been a little I guess underwhelming. The gm mode in 22 is watered down but I love it anyways. I like the promo engine but wish it suited each superstar to their personality instead of in game traits. Advanced entrances in 2k19 was really good and make a video as well. Create an arena is fun but wish it had more options such as barbed wire ropes, more props, more arena styles like the RR that was held in a baseball arena I believe it was(dugout as entrance way) the amount of in game superstars is a pretty good size especially in 2k19 considering the roster size they had at the time. To make this post shorter than what it's about to be fire pro wrestling is a game that's definitely playable for a long time. With so many options with creations and the gameplay isnt terrible but if you dont play for a while its hard to pick back up. If this game were to be a fire pro wrestling with modern day graphics and an easier gameplay engine, itd be hard to ever get off the game
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