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  1. Just bought this so I could download all the Community Creations before they kill the servers next week. They have apparently delisted all the DLC from PSN. So now its impossible to obtain Ronda Rousey or any of the other DLC wrestlers. Also all of the CAWs that have any of Ronda or Rey Mysterio's parts can no longer be downloaded. This game is now a paperweight. Stuff like this should be illegal. The video game industry is slowly grooming us to no longer actually own the stuff we are paying for.
  2. I used to make CAWs on older SD vs RAW games, but I really suck at the new 2K games. I have failed miserably at making a Chyna & Victoria, & the servers are shut down so I can't download anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have PayPal & am willing to pay for a really good one.
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