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  1. Thank you so much brother! Send me your channel so I can subscribe and watch your show?
  2. Thanks again my friend! If any of them catch your eye, you’re welcome to download them.
  3. I really appreciate that! Means a lot brother. And honestly, just the Share Factory app on my PS4. Then I’ll bounce that into iMovie on my phone and throw some music over it.
  4. I can’t lie, they do take forever to make, but it’s mostly because of the loading times XD
  5. This is probably one of my favorite videos I’ve put together. I guess you could call it a “mini-movie”, for lack of a better word lol. But I’m really proud of this one for the story and the camera cuts, etc.
  6. I made these a few days before I updated my arena. Might turn this one into a secondary show, though.
  7. This is a showcase video of all my favorite original creations in WWE2K22. My fed is called RELENTLESS WRESTLING and is based in Orlando, FL. CC: #JC2KUNIVERSE
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