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  1. Get ready for an explosive heavyweight showdown in Relentless Wrestling! "The German Juggernaut" Bach Brecher takes on "Lumberjack" Tim Burr in a battle for supremacy. Brecher, known for his devastating backbreakers, will test his raw power against Burr's lethal Axe Kick. Both men are eager to climb the rankings, but can Brecher’s strength overcome his inexperience, or will Burr chop him down to size? Don’t miss this clash of titans!
  2. Witness an electrifying clash in the ring as Gory Gutierrez, a Lucha Libre legend turned heel, faces off against the rising star Astro Dinámico. Once a beloved champion, Gory now draws boos from the crowd, envious of Astro’s meteoric rise and youthful agility. As the new face of Lucha Libre adored by fans worldwide, Astro embodies the future of the sport. However, Gory, armed with experience and underhanded tactics, refuses to pass the torch to the next generation. Can the young, agile Astro overcome Gory’s ruthless determination, or will the veteran legend hold onto his fading glory at any cost? Don’t miss this intense battle of past vs. future here at Relentless Wrestling!
  3. Your championship is uploaded to CC bro! Hope you like it!
  4. I got you my brother! Astro is up already and I’ll go ahead and upload the belt too Can’t wait to see it featured on one of your videos
  5. Step into the world of Relentless Wrestling, where the action never stops! Based in Orlando, FL, Relentless Wrestling is a fictional promotion where every match is simulated. But don't let that fool you - the intensity is real! The spirit of Relentless Wrestling is one of unwavering determination, where every competitor embodies the ethos of never relenting. And the ultimate prize? The prestigious World Championship, the pinnacle of achievement in this thrilling AI-driven universe. Join us as we push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of pro wrestling—because at Relentless Wrestling, the action never stops!
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