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  • Birthday 01/15/1992

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    Undertaker-Lesnar tie/Lita
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    Too much to list, but most of it is metal.
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    Selling used syringes to children
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    German, English, (American?)
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    Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, I am now realizing there are far too many to bother listing.
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    KingPoweR99 (deviantART) for avatar, Token-J (deviantART) for signature

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    New York
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    Wrestling, gaming, not dying.

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  1. I'm glad someone caught the reference. :P

  2. I approve your Bohemian Rhapsody response lol.

  3. It depends on what you're looking for, but generally speaking?... No, not really. =P

  4. Hey Revo,

    You any good at making banners

  5. hey is the UWA hiring? I know this guy, Pat...

  6. is doing the usual. Being awesome...

  7. Guess who's back! He wants to become the UWA Champion once more also.

  8. Happy Birthday Rev!!!!!!!!

  9. did you add my credit for the sig?

  10. am i added to UWA ? i am really wanting to join because it looks cool :D x

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