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  1. The second featured female in my roster, and I'm very proud of her. She currently holds the Women's title in my franchise. DAVANKA: The Salvage Diver Created to be somewhat of a Poseidon analog, with Arabian & Little Mermaid inspiration.
  2. Presenting the first occult-based entry from my roster... KASTOR SHAW: The Eldritch Vassal Inspired by the movie "The Crow" as well as gothic magicians like Criss Angel.
  3. INTRODUCING, the number one contender... the savage superstar... BANDON BADGER: The Unleashed Beast Didn't know where I was going when I first started this guy, but then I gave him the mohawk stripe and the rest is history.
  4. This kid is still in the process of having his costume edited, but... QUETZALCOATL: The Flying Snake This palette and costume was obviously inspired by Aztec Quetzalcoatl art, but I ultimately wanted to make an atypical luchador. EDIT: Updated the look... thoughts anyone?
  5. They're good, I like em! Good sense of color and character!
  6. Next up, the current Heavyweight Champion in my CAWniverse... "Great" SCOTT MacCOWAN: The Scottish Sensation Face inspired by a buddy of mine from the Navy, but outfit meant to be reminiscent of a rustic farmer.
  7. The first official female in my CAW Universe mode. ANN 'The Anomaly' O'MALLEY: The Irish Princess Inspiration primarily drawn from a cousin of mine (my family being primarily Irish) who is super self-conscious about being taller than all the guys... so I figured I'd remake her to show her that being tall isn't a bad thing.
  8. Thanks! I was out for a bit with work, but I've been working on some new CAWs that I'll be uploading sometime this week.
  9. The next wrestler in my roster... SHOWTIME: The Hollywood Stunt Double Inspired in looks by an actual friend of mine who is a parkour daredevil and wants to be a stuntman in the movies.
  10. Thanks! He's uploaded and ready to go. Search for me under JOSHnYOU or the Hashtag OriginalCAW. Here's my next guy, he'll be uploaded once I finish his move-set and entrance / victory animations. VICTOR ARMSTRONG: The Circus Strongman Obviously he's inspired by both the archetypal circus strongman as well as the gentleman boxer.
  11. New to posting in the community, but figured I'd lurked long enough. Gonna be posting my original CAWs in here... and here's the first! RICKY RUSH: The 80's Fitness Guru Design influence is a mix between 80's hip-hop fashion and Richard Simmons.
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