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  1. on that point I was very wrong (although superstars sometimes can't get over the corner barricades, probably for the same reason that sometimes they slip on the mat or don't hit the corner or the table, usually a problem with the physics of the game ) but I fully confirm the rest of the points. p.s.: I am happy that with the 1.0.9 update they solved the problem with the custom renders (even if I had to manually delete all the images and reload them with the correct format)
  2. Oh, I almost forgot: I don't know how many times this game froze or crashed (one crash per game is guaranteed) and do we want to talk about AI? Guys, AI is dumber than ever this year, I often have to try harder to avoid making my opponent do stupid things than trying to win the match
  3. 2k Just made a list: GM Mode is a fu**ing demo Universe Mode is always the same (and always full of unsolved bugs) My rise is boring There's no way neither to fight in the crowd, nor to go backstage from the arena (in wwe 2k19 you can, this is a downgrade) The physics of the game is still a mess (and it seems to me even worse than 19): hair still sucks; whenever a wrestler comes into contact with the ropes there is always a mess; once again the championship belts do not fit well with the characters (sometimes they seem to orbit around the waist, sometimes they penetrate the clothes, in short, crap); in matches with several men you cannot interrupt the moves (and it is common to see wrestlers punching empty); thanks to the "brand new and innovative control system" it is no longer possible to perform an irish whip while running; some moves are buggy (especially in moves that involve giving momentum on the ropes it happens to see the wrestler throw himself against the ropes and then stop); in tag team match if you throw an opponent towards the corner where his teammate is, you will see him stop instead of hitting the corner (that's annoying stuff) Custom renders sucks (it's a feature done so badly, it could have been nice but it just pisses off how badly done and annoying to use) But, hey, it hits different just beacause in 2 years and a half 2k just remade superstars' entrances with new camera angles! personally 2k22 has disappointed me a lot, from some points of view I find that 2k19 is better and honestly I don't understand all these happy reviews
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