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  1. Appreciate it! They were fun to make and a fun concept to explore. Also zero custom logos which is nice lmao Thank you! Hope you have fun with them. Tried to give them pretty focused/"realistic" movesets. Thank you! Really excited to see what you cook up for BPW season 6! Imma give GRPL and Ring of Fire another look at after the next patch if they fix the stuff with the turnbuckle pad logos. I think they posted something about that being fixed in the next one
  2. Yeah np, sounds like a fun project. When would you need it by?
  3. Tried to make them a bit distinct from one another moveset wise. Carl is more of a powerhouse and likes to throw his weight around, Bill is more of a brawler. Bill is a huge Stone Cold fan so I gave him The World's Worst Stunner/Vince McMahon Stunner as a finisher lmao. After the shows they tend to grill/provide catering for the other wrestlers so I made secondary attires for them, moreso for manager type stuff but I thought it'd be funny for in-ring stuff too. Kid Calavera is almost done, mainly haven't felt like doing another moveset, he'll probably be uploaded sometime tomorrow
  4. Latest patch still didn't fix Create an Arena so Ring Of Fire and GRPL are on hold for now Name: Kid Calavera Status: WIP Overall: WIP Signature: Calavera Kick (Tornado Kick) Finisher: Calavera Crush (Poison Rana), Information: US born face luchador, not spooky at all, more eccentric than anything. Credit for tattoo to https://www.smackdowntattoo.com/ Name: Carl Johnson and Bill Smith Status: Uploaded Overalls: 79 Finisher: Running Splash (Johnson), Stunner(Smith) Information: They're neighbors who used to tailgate outside the local promotion that runs shows at the school their kids attend and one day said "Hey, I can do that!". I was calling them the Weekend Warriors but now I'm calling them Dad Strong. Very old school/basic wrestling style with Carl being more of a powerhouse and Bill being more of a brawler
  5. Would love to be a part of BPW again! All my CAW information should be in here, if there's any information you need just let me know
  6. Think I might work on arenas/shows next and try to bring these back from 2K22. Haven't tried my hand at it yet in 2K23 since I heard there were issues with the logos on turnbuckle pads. I'll have to see if that got fixed or not with the most recent patch I think my goal is for at least one CAW for each MyRise/MyCareer promotion Got CAWs for BCW, LAW, and PWJ but I might make more if inspiration strikes. CAWs for Lucha Libre Magica, Club UK, and Joshi Japan are probably what I cook up after I play around with arenas
  7. Nearly done with The Storm Riders. Both tag team and singles attires, trying something new with pictures, also the in-ring highlight reel has a weird glow effect going on when you're close with the camera for whatever reason Changed some colors around. I was trying to avoid Black/White/Gold for Liam West but I couldn't find any other combination I was happy with lmao. I'll take a look with fresh eyes in the morning, make some final passes(I see Casey Jakob's one kneepad logo looks kinda wonky lol) and will probably have them uploaded sometime later in the day. EDIT: UPLOADED
  8. Really cool stuff. Love the logos, especially the ones on Two Count Tino! Also really cool to see an updated Ryker Justice. I remember seeing your 2K17(I think) thread way back when I still had access to my old account lmao. Love seeing people's long time/legacy CAWs
  9. Great stuff, really digging the titantron videos! Wish they'd let you upload/download those with CAWs
  10. Curious to see what you cook up! Also speaking of jobbers, your job squad CAWs were some of my favorite in 2K22, amazing shirt design too. I was working on Sterling Duval but my game crashed twice making him so I'm putting him on hold. Currently working on my original tag team, The Storm Riders Name: "Lightning" Liam West and "Cyclone" Casey Jakobs Status: Uploaded Overalls: 83(LW)/80(CJ) Finisher: Lightning Cutter(TKO)[LW], Cyclonic Crush(Spiral Tap)[CJ] Information: Casey Jakobs is an alt/punk high flying cruiserweight vet on the indie wrestling scene who wants to help grow the local wrestling scene. Liam West is fairly clean cut inexperienced wrestler with a lot of natural athleticism whose biggest goal is to get a PC tryout and "make it into the big leagues". They butt heads a lot but found out that they made a very effective team in-ring. I'm going to have to look through the tag team finishers to see if I can find one that fits them but I honestly rarely ever play normal tag team matches in these games. Also finally started both resizing my images and saving them as JPEGs lmao. I was lazy and just cropping images straight from my PS5 and saving them as PNGs because that's what my editing program defaults to.
  11. Appreciate it! She was really fun to make Also when I said I was gonna take a break from the game? I LIED! But for real though I got to the snow areas in Elden Ring on my newest character and lost the will to continue, IYKYK lmao Also some of the arenas I want are locked behind the male MyRise and I looked up some of the story beats and decided to cook up a CAW for it. Name: "Dragonfly" Jin Kamiya Status: Uploaded Signature: Tonbo-Giri (Torpedo Moscow) Finisher: Dragonfly Drop (Stormbreaker) Dragonfly Lock(Cattle Mutilation) Overall: 84 Information: Original Japanese wrestler. He used to be super fast paced but slowed down into a more submission oriented style after a knee injury and from putting on a bunch of muscle and wanting to "graduate" from Jr. Heavweight into a Heavyweight. Still occasionally uses high flying moves but I toned them down in his AI sliders. Fairly standard puroresu moveset for the most part but has traces of some of my favorite Jr. Heavyweights from when I was big into NOAH and NJPW
  12. Thank you! Always appreciate the kind words. Also if anyone downloads any of my CAWs, I'd love some feedback on movesets too. Trying to balance fun with realistic and cohesive, would love to know how I'm doing in that area. Definitely going to bring back CAWs I uploaded last year like Kid Calavera and Cuerno and I'm going to bring back some even older legacy CAWs like Sterling Duval who I last made like 4 years ago and was one of my most popular CAWs since 2K16. Very curious to see how much he's gonna change from his most recent appearance in 2K19, he'll probably be my next project. But for now, probably gonna take a break and play some other stuff for a while lmaooo
  13. Zane Mercer has been uploaded! Rebooting a CAW I used to make, I guess moreso a completely different CAW with an old CAW's gimmick lol Name: "Miss Fortune/Lady Luck" Dahlia Status: Uploaded Signature: Rabbit's Foot (Corner Big Boot), Salem Scythe (Scottish Sickle) Finisher: Witching Hour (Dragon Sleeper w/ body scissor) Overall: 84 Information: Predatory technician who enjoys mind games and likes to prey on opponent's superstitions prior to matches to gain an advantage in the ring. Flips a coin prior to the match to see if she'll let go of the submission or not if the opponent taps. Changed up the design a lot from the 2K16-2K19 iteration, also when in doubt, add anime tattoos lmaooo. EDIT: Renamed Moira to Dahlia same gimmick different person so a name change is warranted, also changed up the pics to the most recent after new face morphing and stuff and edited the info
  14. Appreciate it! Yeah the shirt design was really fun to make. Excited to see how WWA looks this year. Tons of really fun episodes in 2K22 Thank you very much! I'm definitely trying to make a good amount this year Definitely appreciate that coming from you. Been a fan of your stuff since 2K16ish on the 2K forums(RIP) Onto some new stuff: The Hawthorne siblings have been uploaded Updated Chris Hawthorne to look more like a heavyweight and changed his face morphing to look less like the default template Name: "No Mercy" Zane Mercer Status: Uploaded Overall: 82 Finisher: Twister(official MMA name for the hold) (Bromission) Information: No nonsense technician/submission specialist that enjoys hurting people. Inspired by a lot of ROH and NOAH guys I used to watch back in the day Credit for tattoo to https://www.smackdowntattoo.com/ Still a WIP, not completely happy with the face yet and still messing around with the hair and eye colors. Also I'll be trying to edit posts often to make it easier to know who's been uploaded or not, update some pictures and maybe shrink them because I know there's a lot of big ass pictures in this thread lmao
  15. Keyu, Alyx Avery, Brennan Blade, Caleb Rivera, and Local Talent have been uploaded to Community Creations! As always you can find my CAWs with the tag: iamkeyu Also if anyone downloads Keyu can you please tell me what his entrance video is? I'm using a custom video I made so I don't know what it uploads with.
  16. More stuff I've been working on. None are uploaded. I'm still tweaking faces as I go, I slammed some of these out pretty quick and didn't go in depth in face morphing like the Keyu, Alyx and Caleb. Still need to do movesets and I'm also waiting to see if we get a patch to possibly fix the Champion entrance thing because it's pretty dumb. Name: Brennan Blade Overall: 81 Status: Uploaded Finisher: Blade Buster (Air Raid Crash) Information: Baron Blade's nephew who's found a lot of success through his uncle's connections and through his own talent in equal measure. Athletic high flying heel. Proficient with superkicks and moonsaults, moveset is very PWG/Indie inspired. Still a WIP. Gonna find a new tattoo or two to replace a couple I used last year Name: "Chosen One" Chris Hawthorne Status: Uploaded Overall: 85 Finisher: Royal Decree (Fireman's Carry Side Slam) Information: Heir to a prestigious wrestling family. Wrestling style is more of a throwback/traditional North American style wrestler. Standard suplexes, body slams, irish whip back body drops, etc. Became an arrogant heel after he got a big contract with WWE/NXT. Headcanon'd that he did a ROH Summer of Punk type thing. Still working on the face to make him looks less "Default Template"-ish. EDIT: Leaving these pics up. New pics with updated face and body in a later post. New Chis Hawthorne ate the old one. Made him more of a powerhouse Name: Carrie Hawthorne Status: Uploaded Overall: 83 Finisher: Fleur-de-Lis(Reverse STO DDT) Information: An heir to the same prestigious wrestling family. She is Chris Hawthorne's more level-headed younger sister. Technical/submission based wrestler, very by the books and by the rules type of wrestler. Mainly made her to use in MyRise because of the whole legacy storyline thing Name: Local Talent Status: Uploaded Overall: 34 Finisher: Superkick. Diving Cross Body Information: My jobber wrestler I haven't made in a while. All stats are minimum except for strength which I bumped up a decent amount so that they can slam most wrestlers. Supposed to be at least somewhat athletic since they made it to the Performance Center but they are very inexperienced in ring. I went through and gave him the most basic moveset I possibly could. Two costumes but it's the same character.
  17. UPDATE: Keyu, Alyx Avery, Bill Smith, Brennan Blade, Caleb Rivera, Carl Johnson, Carrie Hawthorne, Casey Jakobs, Chris Hawthorne, Dahlia, Jin Kamiya, Kid Calavera, Liam West, Zane Mercer and Local Talent uploaded Tag: iamkeyu All CAWS have full movesets, entrances, victories, taunts, AI tendency sliders Double checked this time, made sure I put it in the 2K23 Creation Suite instead of the general 2K23 section lmao Name: Keyu Status: Uploaded Overall: 86 Finisher: Bullet Biter(Kamigoye) Information: Cocky, foul-mouthed, heavyweight brawler/striker. Wears down opponents with hard strikes and cheap shots before dropping them on their heads or going for a knockout blow. Inspired by Stone Cold, KENTA, Kawada, Shibata, Muay Thai/Bokator. Recently incorporated powerhouse elements and added a bunch of uranages, and rough looking suplexes. Not a technical marvel by any means, I purposefully choose moves that look simple to do and also look kinda unsafe lmao. Chimera is a Fight Team/Training Club/Wrestling School type of faction, I'll probably release a bunch of the logos if people want to make some big faction in their game with their CAWs too. Name: "The Game Changer" Caleb Rivera Status: Uploaded Overall: 84 Finisher: Game Changer (Revolution Knee) Information: Young talent with a lot of promise but lacking in actual match and life experience. After being turned on by his tag partner(who I might end up making, IDK yet) and manager he's currently finding more of his killer instinct as "The Game Changer". Less high of a high flyer than he used to be he still wows fan with his fast paced match style. Trying to do a bit of an "Ospreay becoming a heavyweight" type thing with him, still lots of impressive flying moves but a more grounded and serious style than before. I also wanted his finisher and nickname to be The Game Changer because of Okada and the Rainmaker lmao Name: Alyx Avery Status: Uploaded Overall: 82 Finisher: Diving Foot Stomp Information: Indie prospect with a lot of promise. Fan favorite for her optimism and attitude as well as some outstanding underdog performances but her career so far has been marked by a lot of big match losses. Joining Chimera has helped her find some of her killer instinct, and more success in the ring. Personality wise still super positive/cheery even after joining the mainly heel Chimera. I think having a pure babyface faction member annoying heel members with their optimism sounds hilarious. Not the biggest competitor but she'll throw 100%(and 100% of her bodyweight) at you. Kick heavy moveset with lots of sentons, arm targeting moves and some armbars thrown in. Her face picture is the most up to date picture. Attire pics are from before I did the most recent face morphing stuff, to lazy to re-do that picture lmao. Most of my CAWs might look slightly different by the time I upload them because I mess with them all the time
  18. I didn't discover it but I saw on either the WWE 2K or WWEGames Discord that Ludwig Kaiser's Signature move Snapmare and Penalty Kick 3(or something like that) isn't selectable anywhere. I copied his sig to my CAW because I thought it looked cool, hopefully they patch it or something.
  19. Lmao, just realized I posted this in the wrong section. How do you delete/move topics? If there's no way to do that I get I'll just consider this topic closed lol, my bad y'all EDIT: You can find the actual thread here:
  20. Hello folks, back at it again. Gonna try to make a decent amount of the CAWs I made in previous games in 2K23 Name: Keyu Overall: 86 Finisher: Bullet Biter(Kamigoye), Crown Splitter (Piledriver) Information: Cocky, foul-mouthed, heavyweight brawler/striker. Wears down opponents with hard strikes and cheap shots before dropping them on their heads or going for a knockout blow. Inspired by Stone Cold, KENTA, Kawada, Shibata, Muay Thai/Bokator. Chimera is a Fight Team/Training Club/Wrestling School type of faction, I'll probably release a bunch of the logos if people want to make some big faction with their CAWs too. Still working on the face morphing. Will probably be up by the end of the week
  21. Alyx has been uploaded to community creations, as usual you can find my CAWs under the tag iamkeyu. Changed the top because it looked a bit plain before. Would have been done sooner but the moveset took me a while because a decent amount of moves I wanted to use seem to be bugged and consistently did weird things when playing actual matches. Still waiting for them to announce information I care about with 2K23, I might just stick with 2K22 for a while. Wait for a sale and for them to iron out any game breaking issues.
  22. Messing around with logos and stuff. First attempt at a female face texture. I think for 2K23 I'm turning Chimera back into a faction type thing like I had in 2K19 rather than just a Keyu thing. Less a traditional faction but more akin to people in the same training camp or record label and I'll have members spread around in various promotions. Hopefully they bring LAW and BCW back, I loved those venues in 2K22 Went a little bit overboard with the gradients and color scheme lol Name: Alyx Avery Overall: 81 Finisher: Brainbuster, Diving Foot Stomp Information: She's similar to my other CAWs. Indie prospect with a lot of promise. Mainly a "happy to be there" wrestler, joining Chimera has helped her find some of her killer instinct, and more success in the ring. Personality wise still super positive/cheery even after joining the mainly heel Chimera. I think having a pure babyface faction member annoying heel members with their optimism sounds hilarious. Kick(mainly dropkicks) aficionado, I really wanted to give her the new Corner vs Grounded opponent Basement Dropkick as a signature but that move is BUGGED.
  23. Had an idea for another promotion yesterday and had the itch to make some logos. Ring of Fire Wrestling. Not planning on making any championships, I just like making random promotions lmao. I probably need to add an outline or something to get rid of some of the random jaggies in my logos. Tried using various anti-aliasing plug-ins in paint.NET but it always looks weird.
  24. I recently re-uploaded Keyu with a face texture and a secondary "Chimera USA" attire if you want to use that. It looks mostly the same as the normal secondary attire but has Red White and Blue Chimera logos throughout
  25. Appreciate it y'all! I actually really started really enjoying the 2K23 gameplay recently but I always have the most fun and spend the most time in the creation aspects of the game A few projects I'm working on Name: "Lightning" Liam West Overall: 80 Finisher: Lightning Cutter (TKO) [I know about Kakashi, he was my favorite character lol] Information: Top indie prospect type character. Younger dude with lots of untapped potential. Originally started him off as Buzz, and then morphed him more into his own thing, forgot to take a picture but I have a more simple BCW attire for him. Planning on making him tag partners as The Storm Riders with one of my old CAWs I haven't recreated yet in 2K22, Casey Jakobs(who's my version of Jacob Cass) Name: "Jackal" Jonah Barnett Overall: 84 Finisher: Jackal's Maw (Cobra Clutch Crossface) Information: Cowboy wrestler mixed with heavyweight Benoit/Dynamite Kid type moveset. Quick try at a face texture on FaceApp, didn't spend too much time on it, need to import it to my computer to fix the color and blend the forehead in better. Stixx and Stonez. They were originally just supposed to be a jobber tag team I was making for fun based off of Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers but I started having fun making them. Still a huge WIP though. Really happy with what happened to Stixx's hair, it was originally half dyed like Stonez but in the opposite direction but it glitched when I was trying to import a jacket and I'm really happy with how it turned out lol
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